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A refrigerator is an incredible versatile electrical device which is commonly seen in a commercial or domestic setting. Every household certainly owns a refrigerator, which is also known as fridge for short. I am sure at some point of your life as a kid, you would often reach out to open the door of the refrigerator just to feel the cool breeze.

As a brief introduction, a refrigerator is an ultimately a storage cooling compartment fuelled by electricity to keep your fresh produce, fresh milk, and almost anything which is perishable and delicate that needs to be stored at a lower temperature.

Not to mention households are not the only place which owns a refrigerator, other commercial outlets such as restaurants, supermarkets and factories also require a refrigerator to store their goods. Lucky for you, we have reviewed and gathered a list of the Malaysia top fridges for your consideration before you make a big purchase.

LG 333L Inverter Compressor Refrigerator GN-C372SXCC 

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Given the rise of cost of living, we are sure you would want a budget friendly option hence we shall introduce you this 5-star rating for energy efficiency. Also, this fridge comes with an inverter compressor which would save you approximately up to 32% of energy and even prevent any unnecessary noises.

Beyond that, the linear cooling system which would prevent any drastic temperature fluctuations. In turn, this would substantially reduce the cost of your monthly bills which would be extremely cost-saving in the long run.

Adding on, this fridge is equipped with 10 years compressor warranty and 1 year general warranty plus this refrigerator comes with smart diagnosis feature which can instantly troubleshoot any issue so this makes it incredibly user-friendly.

Furthermore, this comes with multi air flow function which ensures uniform cooling and even moist balance crisper which prevents any excess moisture in your fresh produce which would keep them fresh for a longer period of time. Overall, the performance of this product is remarkable though the price is on the steeper side as for the other 330L capacity.

Beko RDNT440E50VZX 2 Door Fridge

Credit: Picture source from Google

Moving on, we shall introduce you a refrigerator of 440L capacity which has very comprehensive features and perfect for a medium-sized family. This modern refrigerator comes with in-built touch panel control at the exterior which is very convenient for you to control the settings of the temperature.

Besides this, this refrigerator also comes with active odour filter which is very handy to filter any unwanted foul smell. Adding on, this refrigerator comes with an instant freeze feature which you can instantly freeze your items to keep them fresh.

The refrigerator comes with ProSmart inverter compressor which is energy-saving so safe to say, this would be friendly to your pocket. This refrigerator is equipped with NeoFrost twin digital cooling system where the fridge and freezer compartments are segregated to ensure better air flow and ideal humidity and temperature levels.

This fridge comes with Active Fresh Blue Light technology which preserve the nutrients and vitamins of your fruits and vegetables.

If you are a person who prioritize aesthetics, the sleek and stylish design of this refrigerator will certainly complement your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? This refrigerator is really worth the penny given the features as explained above.

Samsung Slide by Side with Family Hub Refrigerator RS62T5F01B4/ME

Credit: Picture source from Google

Let’s move onto the next item on the list, this refrigerator comes with the latest technology, including the voice recognition and touch screen panel through the Family Hub function which allows accessibility to many applications such as Spotify, SmartView, New Bixby, SmartThings and so on.

This allows your shopping list, meal plans and even foods’ expiration dates to be synchronized to your mobile devices. Besides this, you can schedule personalised messages, photos and videos to your loved ones.

One more amazing feature about this refrigerator is that you can view the inside of your fridge just by the tips of your fingertips through the internal camera. This particular feature is certainly a very unique feature which allows you to look into the fridge at your convenience and even at the grocery stores.

This refrigerator is equipped with 10 years compressor warranty and 2 years general warranty which is longer than the average general warranty offered in the market.

This refrigerator comes with digital inverter compressor which reduces noises and promotes energy-saving to up to 50% so this would definitely be gentle to your monthly bills. This is further certified with 21 years’ durability so the reliability and durability of this device is ensured for an extended period of time.

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