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There is no doubt that digitalization has completely transformed the world, particularly as it relates to our dependence on e-commerce to obtain goods and services. For example, online printers have evolved into a dependable and straightforward way to select the printing products you require. 

Why? There are numerous reasons to make the switch and use online printing for your needs. First, it can be far more convenient, faster, and less expensive than traditional printing companies. In addition, commercial online printing has numerous advantages, including transparent low printing costs, simple online ordering, and a more extensive selection of standardized print options. All of this makes it less expensive and less strenuous for us. 

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Over the last couple of decades or so, online printing services have made great strides. Breakthroughs in internet technologies and digital imaging have made it simple to print a booklet, a personalized postcard, a poster, stickers, or even to print your custom design on promotional products like tumblers or bags. Today, almost anyone can easily and quickly have their printing needs met by using online printing services. Amongst the online printing services that available in the market, we have:


I’ve wrote about Gogoprint before. They are largest online printing company in Southeast Asia, Gogoprint offers high-quality printing products, an excellent customer service, and a competitive pricing. Using Gogoprint services entails easily configuring and printing a wide variety of products, for instance business cards, flyers, leaflets ... and receiving fast delivery throughout the country. It doesn’t matter where you want to receive your products – Gogoprint delivers everywhere.

Another Gogoprint brain child is...


Hellosticker is an online printing website, specialized in stickers. On Hellosticker, you can find a wide range of stickers, tailored to your needs. They offer customized stickers in different materials, shapes and  formats. From sticker rolls to sticker sheets, going through individual stickers, Hellosticker is the place to go if you are looking for high quality yet affordable stickers.

But what should you look for in an online printing service? Here are a few pointers:

Quality Equipment

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Whether your printing project is as simple as postcard printing or as complex as four-color printing, you want to work with an online printer that has the best equipment. Online printing vendors who have invested in high-quality presses and the associated hardware required to run those presses are eager to share this information with prospective customers, so look for it when you shop. 

Delivery (Communication is Key)

Locate an online printing company that can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. You don’t have to say goodbye to good old-fashioned one-on-one personal service just because you've chosen to save time and money by using an online printing service. However, some printing projects may appear to be overly complex. Nobody wants to have problems during the manufacturing process. Still, problems do arise from time to time, and you may require assistance. Choosing Gogoprint, Hellosticker, or OnTimePrint will ensure you will be provided with the convenience of online ordering as well as the personalized human interaction with their customer service. 


The more frequently you need to work with online printers, the more critical it is to work with vendors with diverse experience and expertise. It is common knowledge that commercial enterprises, non-profits, and other organizations distribute many printed materials throughout the year. From color brochures to training manuals, the list of possible printing projects that any company may face is extensive. It is much easier and often more affordable to work with a single high-quality online printer that can produce all the materials you may require.

Pricing Transparency

Look for a company that is upfront about its pricing. One disadvantage of traditional printing services is inconsistency in pricing and slow pricing service. You never know what your sales representative will come up with from day to day. It is a lengthy and drawn-out procedure.

Here's an example of a process you're probably all too familiar with: You contact your sales representative by phone or email and go over every option or service you're interested in. Then you have to wait...and wait...and wait some more. What a squandering of time !

Use a service whose pricing is open and transparent. Look for a business that is willing to publish its pricing online. In seconds, you'll have your pricing. Avoid printing companies that refuse to publish their pricing online; they will end up costing you more money. Nobody wants to be caught off guard by discreet shipping, delivery, postage, or service fees. Instead, choose a company that provides up-front pricing and instant, full-scale quotes online. There will be no haggling or fuss! The best printing companies will want to be your long-term partner and go above and beyond to provide you with superior service, speed, and pricing.

Delivery Options

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As you may be aware, working with an online printing service will necessitate some form of delivery. Before placing their order, many customers will often overlook or simply skim over this step. This is a potentially costly error. Spend a few minutes learning about the delivery options available to you before placing your order. You should also investigate the costs of handling and shipping. If you frequently require additional services, such as overnight or international delivery, ensure that the vendor can handle those for you. When it comes to delivery options and costs, the time to learn about them is before you order, not after.


There is no reason for you to pay more than necessary for online printing services. High-quality, expert printing is available at reasonable prices in today's competitive market. In addition, you can save money on all of your online printing needs by taking advantage of specials, discounts, and print-on-demand services.

Almost everything appears to be done on the Internet in this computerized age. We rely on our phones, organize basic supplies online, and keep most of our critical records in the cloud. With these tasks becoming faster and more proficient, it appears apparent that we would choose to use web-based printing administrations as well. Gogoprint and Hellosticker are focused on meeting your printing project requirements and can competently provide you with solutions that genuinely meet your needs. 

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