All You Need To Know About Laundry Pods!

Farah Waheda Wahid

The laundry pods are a new turn on the traditional washing detergent bags. Pouches release detergent, softener fabric and fresh smells into the wash. They minimise the risk of messy, hard-to-clean detergent spills and release a perfect mix of detergent and softening agents. 

A large part of the design of any laundry pods is the easily dissolved sack containing the detergent. The warm and moist weather in Malaysia can make the soluble bags extra vulnerable and fragile. Keep them in a cool, dry area to minimise the risk of perforation. 

Handling of Stains

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When using laundry pods, one of the most common blunders is to put them in after your load is finished. To maximise the effect, laundry pods should be placed first in the machine, near the back of the washing drum. 

Keep and eye out for signs that your laundry load or wash settings aren't balanced with the pod's portion as you learn how to use laundry pods in a way that works best for your family. After your wash cycle is finished, double-check that your laundry is not still soapy and that there are no colour streaks or spots. The latter indicates that the liquids in the pods may not have been distributed evenly. 

If your laundry still smells soapy, immediately run a second wash cycle without adding any more detergent. If you notice streaks or colour spots, use a combination of warm water and rubbing alcohol to remove them. 

Keep Laundry Pods Out of The Reach of Children

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You've probably heard about teenagers experimenting with laundry pods as a "challenge". The media has gone insane, screaming about the potentially fatal consequences. 

While no one has ever died after swallowing or biting into a laundry pods, extremely bright, highly concentrated detergents sealed in extremely soluble pouches have proven to be a lethal combination in the presence of small children and toddlers, who can easily mistake the pods for juicy candy. Keep these pods on a high shelf or, if necessary, under lock and key if you have young inquisitive children. Prioritize safety over convenience! 

Handle With Exreme Caution! 

Because the liquids in laundry pods are far more concentrated, they can be just as effective as regular detergent despite their smaller size. Given the increased potency, it's best if you can avoid touching the liquids altogether. If you're concerned that the pods won't dissolve properly in the wash, dissolve it first in a small container filled with warm or hot water, then pour the contents into you machine's detergent tray like regular detergent. I have came across several articles that advised against cutting the capsule open and pouring the contents out. Just use it the way it was meant to be used. 

My Laundry Pods Recommendations! 

Laundry pods are the most convenient option if you want to save time. The introduction of laundry pods marked one of the most significant changes in laundry products. The single dose packs (or "pod") are small polyvinyl film packets that dissolve in water and contain detergent and sometimes other cleaning or softening ingredients. They are the fastest-growing segment of laundry detergent, outselling powder detergent already. Teddy Shine are one of the many brands of laundry pods available today, if you haven't already figured it out. :-) 

Teddy Shine laundry pods are a convenient alternative to liquid or powder detergent jugs or boxes. The soap is packaged in a small, water-soluble packet that dissolves in the washing machine. Simply toss it in the bottom of the washer before adding your clothes on top. 

What I Prefer About Teddy Shine Laundry Pods? 

  • Carry them easily, and they only take-up a small amount of storage space. 
  • It's easy to use and convenient. 
  • The use of a pre-measured detergent dose produces consistent results. Overdosing is no longer a problem. 
  • Most water is removed during the manufacturing process, allowing cleaning ingredients to remain stable for longer periods of time and produce better results. 
  • There will be less waste in landfills as a result of the reduction in packaging waste.
  • It contains fabric softening, fresh scent booster, antioxidants and antibacterial (99% bacteria killed)
  • No harmful chemical. 

As you could see, Teddy Shine Laundry Pods (3 in 1) capsules is specially designed with 3 compartments laundry liquid that dissolve in wash and work together to clean, lift stains and brighten clothes. 

Teddy Shine Laundry Pods Pricing? 

1 Box: RM 35.00

2 Boxes: RM 65.00

Note: If you purchase 3 boxes or more, each box will cost you RM30.00.

Delivery charges included! 

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