Looking To Know More About NOVAKID? - This is My Honest Sharing!

Farah Waheda Wahid

I believe most of you pernah ternampaklah at least once the NOVAKID posting about my sharing on NOVAKID. Ni bukan apa - bukan sebab NOVAKID bayar untuk Kak Fa upload this article. Not at all. This is not the arrangement that I had with NOVAKID - our arrangement is my integrity not to disclose-lah kan? I need to respect the undisclosure agreement between us. But forget about my business relationship with NOVAKID, what I am concerned now, is for those that looking to know more about NOVAKID? - This is my honest sharing! Sebabnya... Ever since my sharing being posted about 2 or 3 months ago, Kak Fa tak berhenti dapat inquiries from parents about NOVAKID and to put it simple - Kak Fa decide elaborate jer my own experience with NOVAKID in an article here in Bubblynotes. Senang! Nanti kalau ada sesiapa tanya lagi, Kak Fa just minta refer pada entri Kak Fa yang ini. 

Nak taip panjang-panjang di medsos macam tak cukup space jer. Ha ha ha...As you knowlah kan? My writing flow memang panjang lebar. Tak sah kalau tak panjang. And kalau tak panjang itu bukan Kak Fa lah kan? Eh my writing identity kan? Kalaulah ever one of these days you nampak Kak Fa upload article yang pendek tu, there must be something wrong somewhere lah kan? Ok ok...Back to business. Sekarang Kak Fa nak jawab the most common questions dan juga beri pencerahan lebih terperinci mengenai NOVAKID. 

Kak Fa started dengan trial classes di NOVAKID. Masa mula-mula tu ada hick-up sikitlah. Sebab the teacher yang Kak Fa request tu tak available dan pihak NOVAKID so efficient contacted Kak Fa on the spot untuk tukarkan dengan Teacher Danielle Joubert. Kak Fa pun ok jer lah kan sebab baru nak try. To my surprise - Teacher Danielle Joubert ni sememangnya sangat bagus and she knows how to tackle and attract Firash attention. 

So bermula dari situ, Kak Fa habiskan sesi trial classes dan seterusnya bila dah experience sendiri progress Firash from class to class, Kak Fa terus decide untuk enroll Firash di NOVAKID. Pakej yang Kak Fa pilih adalah pakej Premium sebab Kak Fa nakkan native speaker untuk mendidik Firash. You can check out the package offered by NOVAKID down below: 

Setakat ke hari ini, setiap kelas Firash adalah dikendalikan oleh Teacher Danielle Joubert dan di bawah adalah beberapa remarks yang Teacher Danielle Joubert berikan setiap kali berakhirnya kelas Firash untuk hari yang berkenaan. 

Even I have to fork out some of my daily expenses money for it - Kak Fa as a mom, memang rasa sangat-sangat berpuas-hati with the quality and outcome of each lesson at NOVAKID. I do hope - there will be online learning platform for Maths and other subjects for this. Even now pun, untuk mengaji Kak Fa slowly going forward for online extra classes for Firash. Bukan apa - zaman pandemik Covid-19 ni, Kak Fa rasa this is practical. Kalau the quality is as given by NOVAKID, why not kan? Nama pun hidup dalam norma baru. 

To-date Firash sekarang ni dah berada di Level 3 - A1 (YLE Movers) and covered several skills in English Language Proficiency already. 

Kak Fa pulak jadi excited tengok progress Firash day-by-day. Something good kan? Of course-lah as a mom Kak Fa is a happy soul seeing his doing well with the classes. Rasa tak sia-sia sungguh spend on NOVAKID. 

As you could see, the above are the skills set yang Firash telah mastered as well yang those in progress. It is at least giving me peace of mind. We even can repeat the classes attended sebabnya selepas setiap kelas akan ada video recording for the session attended. So there's always room for re-study. Boleh play pada bila-bila masa jer. Dengan extra material yang disediakan. It's all just too good to be true lah. Orang kata...Alaaa....Kak Fa puji melangit sebab Kak Fa work with them. No-lah... This is lilahi sebab Kak Fa betul-betul berpuas-hati dengan progress Firash and the way NOVAKID conducted the class. It is one-to-one session yang Kak Fa rasa betul-betul berpuas-hati cause I've been looking for such classes like this. Ini yang Kak Fa nak untuk Firash selama ni. 

Parents - there's no obligation pun for you to enroll, you can always choose for the trial classes. But, if you want to enroll your kids, you can click here: https://my.novakidschool.com/r/vcxa and use my promo code: FARAH195858.

Ada juga yang tanya - how was the classes schedule? Schedule kita as parents yang tentutkan, it is flexible and depends on our most convenient time. So far for us, Kak Fa sememangnya akan stick dengan Teacher Danielle Joubert untuk Firash sebab both of them pun dah BFF sangat dah. They go along very well and every lesson is a successful lesson. So Kak Fa akan sesuaikan my schedule with Teacher Danielle Joubert availability. Ramai lagi native speakers teacher yang lain yang boleh anda pilih, tidak semestinya Teacher Danielle Joubert. Up to your preferences and she is our preference. 

Do not doubt with the teachers qualification sebab all the teachers adalah pakar ESL yang bertauliah dan berpengalaman di dalam mendidik. For this program with NOVAKID - just so you know the program adalah program yang structured from European Education Standard based on Common European Framework References for Languages (CEFR). 

Go ahead to give it a try and come back to me and please do let me know what do you think of the classes conducted by NOVAKID? 

Just like we build strong foundations of our homes to make them last an for decades; the same approach should be followed for building a strong learning foundation for children. Early foundational learning is critical for a child's later learning. In fact, a strong early learning foundation is the ladder to ensure a future where they can adapt and thrive. 

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