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In an increasingly competitive world, tuition is no longer a good-to-have or an extracurricular activity; it is treated as part of the curriculum, a necessity or a must-have. If you are concerned that your child is lagging behind his/her classmates, you can consider Ingel's tuition services for H2 Chemistry, H2 Physics and H2 Mathematics tuition to drastically increase his/her performance. 

He is immensely popular as he his able to use his unique teaching pedagogy that helps his students to see the bigger picture while still able to connect the dots. He follows the school curriculum without the slightest deviation, and provides ample real-life applications and examples to help students answer the question "Why are we learning this? We are not using this in the future." In this way, students are able to see the connection between conceptual knowledge and application, greatly aiding them when it comes to answering questions. 

Ingel is known to deliver results. Most students will see a 2 grades jump in their final results. Parents reportedly observe their child’s grades improve tremendously, from E to A in a short span of 4 months. His past year trend predictions for A Level Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics have been shared widely among the JC H2 Chemistry cohort. It is no wonder that a lot of parents are very grateful to have found Ingel through word-of-mouth. Students can also consult him using WhatsApp easily, even past midnight.

Ingel has garnered a solid reputation for placing his students at the forefront. Unlike chain tuition centres which employ part-timers who may not be suitably qualified or certified, Ingel personally teaches his tuition classes to ensure only the highest quality standards are delivered. By maintaining his tuition classes small, he can take on a more personalised approach in educating the younger ones. Tutors, driven by profits who vehemently claim that large class size has not impacted students’ learning ought to know better. If a student is unable to muster the courage to ask a question in his own junior college lecture theatre, how can these educators expect them to ask the same question in a larger class size setting. For these tutors, profits come first rather than students.

Being a highly multi-disciplinary tutor, Ingel single-handedly teaches students for the following subjects:

  1. H1 and H2 JC Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  2. O Level and IP Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  3. International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  4. Help for polytechnic and university students available as well.

Ingel is located in Tampines and Bukit Timah. For students who like learning in the comfort of their own homes, the option for online tuition is available as well.

Author biography: 

Ingel Soong is a supertutor for JC H2 Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics (IP, O Level and IB available). He can be found on and reached at +65 96726733

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