Quick Tips to Know for Baking Beginners

Farah Waheda Wahid

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Baking is a fun activity to do if you have the time to do so and want to pick up an extra skill. Whether you’re trying to go pro or baking for the fun of it, here are few quick tips to help you get started.

1) Use the Proper Baking Supplies

Whether it’s your baking ingredients or baking tools, these factors will contribute to how your end baking product will turn out. Quite often you’ll see many beginners using certain ingredients interchangeably which isn’t what you should be doing. Take Mauripan which is an instant dry yeast as a good example. Although it is a type of yeast, it shouldn’t be used interchangeably with active dry yeast. This is because both require different methods to be used during the baking process. Mauripan can be used immediately with dry ingredients while active dry yeast needs to be dissolved in water first. With that in mind, always be sure to double-check in the event you plan to swap out an ingredient for another.

2) Research a Recipe Before Committing to It

For people looking to venture in baking, important things to consider are the difficulty, and the amount of effort & baking supplies a specific recipe requires. Although it may seem grand in your mind, trying to bake a triple layered chocolate cheesecake using dark Callebaut chocolate on your first try may be extremely hard if not time consuming. This could discourage you from continuing to bake in the future as the perception may be that baking is too tough and requires a lot of time and commitment. With that in mind, start off small by baking easy to make things such as cookies, muffins or simple cakes and gradually try harder recipes when you’re ready.

3) Don’t Stinge on Baking Equipment

Sure, if you’re planning to try out baking as a one-time thing, don’t splurge and purchase all the expensive baking utensils. However, if you’re planning to pick up baking for the long term, it may be worth investing some money to purchase long lasting and high quality baking tools. You’d be surprised at how much money, time and effort high quality baking equipment can save you. For example, you could purchase a really cheap small sized oven to save some money but in the long run the cons would outweigh the cost factor. Not only would you have to waste time baking in batches, you’d also be wasting electricity which could add up if you’re taking cost into account. Another example would be the humble kitchen scale. By investing a few extra dollars, you’re essentially making the whole baking process a lot quicker and more efficient as you no longer have to stop, think and estimate how much a kilogram of sugar looks or feels like.

4) Tiny Details Matter

Minor details like making sure you bake at the optimum temperature and sifting flour can make a significant difference in whatever you are baking. It’s details like this that could be the differentiating factor when you’re trying to get your cake, bread, pastry or other baking products to stand out from your competitors. It is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. That being said, if you’re just trying to have fun baking, minor details like these may not matter so long as the process of learning how to bake is enjoyable. Different people will have different goals when it comes to baking so it’s up to you to decide how big a part baking will play in your life.

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