Improve Your Social Media Video Marketing in 4 Effective Ways

Farah Waheda Wahid

There’s no denying the fact that in today’s society, the majority of people prefer to consume content through videos especially when it comes to social media. Whether you’re young, middle-aged or old, the use of social media has become more and more prevalent as our technology advances. 

This is exactly why businesses all over the world are investing in social media video marketing as part of their marketingstrategy. For example, some businesses even hire the top video production companies in Singapore to produce high quality and appealing videos to be used on their social media platforms.

Using social media video marketing, you can effectively connect with your target audience, develop a strong relationship and easily promote your products, brand or services to them. Of course, that only happens if you know how to use social media video marketing properly. On that note, here are 4 effective ways you can improve your social media video marketing.

1. Keep Your Videos Short and Simple

Sometimes less is more. Even if you have mountains of information to summarise, your main objective should be to highlight important points and relay them in the first few seconds of your videos. 

Anything that makes things too complex should be removed. Language-wise, the video should be easy to understand. Using bombastic words may sound grand but in reality, you want to appeal to the masses so using familiar and simple words is key to connecting with your audience. Once a viewer starts hearing words that are foreign to them, they might simply move on to the next exciting content on their social media feed.

2. Ensure Your Videos are Optimized

This point cannot be stressed enough. Always ensure your videos are optimized according to each social media platform’s recommended dimensions. Picture this, you’re a company that just hired a professional Singapore corporate video production company to produce an amazing corporate video. You manage to do so, only to have the video look strange on social media because the dimensions are too big. You wouldn’t want that now would you?

To avoid facing issues like the above, list down all the social media platforms that you plan on using and each of their respective recommended dimensions. Other than that, another crucial thing that many businesses miss out on is implementing subtitles in their videos. Nowadays, videos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be viewed without sound especially if you’re quickly scrolling through your feed.

3. Be Creative

Creativity is definitely challenging but if used correctly, can produce more engagement and conversions than the norm. Whenever possible, try to be unique when producing a video. Instead of limiting yourself to current trends, try exploring the road less traveled and experiment with different methods. Maybe instead of creating a normal corporate video, why not try hiring an animation studio to produce 2D or 3D animation videos?

Other examples could be adding animated pullouts with an impressive catchphrase to your videos in order to capture the attention of viewers. You can even do this with no sound required so that’s a plus!

4. Try to Get the Best Video Quality

Nowadays, videos are getting more and more HD. As users are more likely to continue watching a video when it is of high quality, it is worth investing slightly more if it can lead to an increase in video quality. 

A survey done by Verizon Digital Media Services has shown that out of a thousand internet users, over 85 percent of these users prefer a television-like quality experience when watching an online video. At the same time, 25% of these users have mentioned that they stopped watching a video because of terrible video quality for at least half the time in the past month.

To put it simply, make sure your video quality is of high quality so that you can appeal to more viewers and maintain their attention.

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