Kak Fa’s Is Giving Out VOSE VIANNE Eau De Parfum on Instagram!

Farah Waheda Wahid

Finally – dapat juga opportunity nak bagi hadiah pada followers Kak Fa… Lama dah simpan hajat ni, akhirnya termakbul juga hajat hati Kak Fa ni. Yes… Kak Fa’s is giving out VOSE VIANNE Eau De Parfum on Instagram! I bet you gonna love this parfum to the moon and sky. Baru pun tak baru di pasaran – boleh kata dah agak lama juga bertapak di pasaran tempatan. Of course – hasil usaha anak tempatan juga. Kak Fa tau – semua ada scents preference masing-masing but it’s no harm if you give this brand a try yawwww! Percayalah cakap Kak Fa – either male or female. You gonna love this! Before you decide whether to join or not to join the giveaway, tak salah rasanya Kak Fa bagi sedikit heads up pada semua so that you get the idea how was VOSE VIANNE like ya?

Bau parfum VOSE VIANNE ni tahan lebih dari 8 jam. Itu yang Kak Fa suka sebenarnya. Furthermore, I was informed by VOSE VIANNE itself yang parfum ni adalah halal. Di mana, VOSE VIANNE adalah:

Tiada Logam Berat Yang Dikesan

VOSE VIANNE tidak mengandungi logam berat seperti lead, merkuri, kadmium dan antimoni.

Tiada Microbe Berbahaya Yang Dikesan

Tiada DNA Haiwan Yang Dikesan

Genomic DNA Pig

Eau De Parfum 65% Dari Sumber Semulajadi

Seperti minyak sayuran dan juga Vitamin C.

Bukti VOSE VIANNE halal serta diperakui oleh SIRIM? Anda boleh lihat melalui paparan gambar di bawah ini.

Jadi bolehlah gunakan tanpa was-was dan ragu-ragu ya?

Sedikit latar-belakang VOSE VIANNE yang Kak Fa petik dari laman web jualan atas talian VOSE VIANNE itu sendiri:

"Vose Vianne" was conceived as a brainchild which declares love, a timeless nutrient that nourishes human life. Just name any human bond, and we would envision the non-existence of any when there is a void of love between two souls, symbolised by "Vose" and "Vianne".

The world can impossibly move on without love as the reason for its existence. We need love, and we live on love. All of us long to be showered by love, regardless of which form of love, and at a certain point of time in life, we fall in love. We expect love; we also show love.

Instinctively, we are comforted by love; we are comforted by scent. Dabbing on your a charming fragrance is a thoughtful gesture of comforting your lover or the loved ones around you. For this reason, Vose Vianne was created.

Vose Vianne is a real illustration of sending out love through beautiful scents. This inarticulate yet immensely alluring message of love means a million times more than the pronounced words of love.

Wangian Untuk Lelaki


The right fragrance that helps set your relaxing mood is V-Momentous. When you just want to be your casual self, this lighthearted and fresh fragrance would be an obvious choice. In its free and easy way, it develops youthful and vigorous aroma which is tantalizing way, welcoming and tranquilizing.


Special Occasion
If you look for a perfume to act as your signature fragrance on special occasions such as birthday, dating, wedding reception, dinner, social gathering, festive seasons and other celebrations, V-VIP is the one to satisfy your needs. It is a sexy, alluring fragrance that will create a strong impression of you. On a special encounter, this seductive perfume smell would make your crush fall in love with you.


With V-Esteem, you will portray a professional, respectful and client-orientated image. Smelling pleasant at your workplace, you earn positive impression from your colleagues and clients and score good points in your personal image. This is an ideal fragrance to wear in a working environment as it soothes stressful situations and creates comfort with your clients or colleagues.


V-Majesty will keep you fresh and invigorated during workout in the gym or when running on the track. V-Majesty is a sporty fragrance with refreshing and exhilarating aroma. It is a fun-filled scent that makes your outing exciting, soothing and not overwhelming.

Wangian Untuk Wanita

V-Lady Vose

V-LADY VOSE is a representation of the feminine mystery. Creating youthful and beautiful feelings, V-LADY VOSE begins to astonish with the top notes of apple and vanilla. The middle notes of lotus then unfolds, shining with romantic vibes. It also charms with the warm and lingering base notes of vanilla and sandalwood.


Classy & Radiant
The uniqueness of  V-EUPHORIA lies in its opening freshness and delicateness of freesia, middle notes of jasmine, magnolia and  base notes of musk. V-EUPHORIA envelops you in an indescribable warm sensation of fragrance.


V-INFINITY captures the scents of iris and rose with the presence of morning  dew. It unfolds with the freshness of citrus, making you feel presence of green juices and tenderness of flowers. Top notes consist of green sap and pink grapefruit. The heart of the perfume is colourful, with the scent of iris and rose, and the aroma is fresh and delicate. The base combines woody notes and


Spirited & Voluptuous
V-BELLE features a feminine scent that emits extraordinary freshness and vibrancy for extraordinary women. V-BELLE is a delightful and sensuous scent that pleases the senses. The top notes of orange, bergamot, and grapefruit spark fresh and vigorous scent. The soft fragrance of jasmine and rose unfolds as its middle notes, and the lasting trail of scent unravels the base scents of vanilla and white musk.


Refreshing & Stylish
V-GLOW oozes soft, flowery and luminous fragrance.  V-GLOW enhances glamour and confidence in the female race. V-GLOW characterises top notes of citrus and pomegranate. Its scent flows into a concoction of rose, magnolia and lotus flowers as the middle notes. It also makes you feel elated with its sensual base notes of natural plant amber and musk.


Floral & DelicateV-VOGUE is a combination of the fruity note of apple with a luscious blend of petals. V-VOGUE leaves this lingering scent with you wherever you go to. Definitely a perfect gift for yourself.


Elegant & Classic
V-ELITE empowers you with an enchanting sense of femininity through its authentic and spellbinding scent.With a concoction of assorted floral and fruity ingredients, its charms through a harmonious accord of fragrance notes - refreshing floral, fruity top, hearts notes and natural aromatic base notes.


Sweet & Irresistable
V-FAME is a mix of floral and fruity accords to produce a dynamic combination. Its top notes emit the elixir of passionfruit, pineapple, grapefruit and sweet strawberry, spreading a tempting scent and fresh energy. The middle notes of orchid, jasmine and lily create a floral romance. Its base notes of heady musk and woody facets and other ingredients all form a charming scent.

The one yang Kak Fa gunakan pada waktu sekarang ini adalah V-Belle dan Kak Fa rasa sangat selesa dengan ramuan haruman dari VOSE VIANNE yang satu ini. Rasa fresh dan memang Kak Fa rasakan ia memainkan peranan di dalam meningkatkan lagi confidence level Kak Fa. Sebab tu lah Kak Fa rasa Kak Fa nak buat giveaway untuk followers Kak Fa. Kak Fa nak, salah seorang dari anda experience dulu untuk gunakan parfum dari VOSE VIANNE, tak kira lelaki mahupun wanita.

Tak sabar nak mencuba? Boleh jer…Anda boleh terus ke laman web jualan atas talian VOSE VIANNE di SINI. Boleh juga follow dan intai-intai Laman Instagram VOSE VIANNE, Laman Facebook VOSE VIANNE dan Laman YouTube VOSE VIANNE.

Tapiiii…. kalau nak mencuba secara PERCUMA dan nak rasa hadiah parfum dari Kak Fa…He he he… Standby jer untuk IG Feed posting Kak Fa esok ok? Giveaway ni akan berlangsung selama 3 hari di Laman Instagram Kak Fa. Bermula dari 31 Mei 2019 sehingga 2 Jun 2019 sahaja…. Tak lebih dan tak kurang! Ha ha ha… Standby ok?

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