It's All About The Education And Parents

Farah Waheda Wahid
It's All About The Education And Parents
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It is very important for an individual to get proper education and proper guidance from parents. A student can only prosper in his life very well only if everything is balanced in the life. Students get their education from institutes but it depends on the parents how they help their ward to cope up with the pressure that the students have to face in their day to day life. A well-educated parent know very well, what are the strengths and weakness of their ward and they guide their children accordingly. A well-educated parent doesn’t mean that the parent should be highly educated, but it means that educated enough to guide their children.

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Most of the parents when they visit the colleges for their wards either when they need to take admission or if the dean has asked for a parents-teachers meeting where either they will be praised or they will be thrashed verbally in front of their parents. But nowadays due to advancement in technology and the increase in competition the college have developed their college portal in which even the parents can access and can get to know where their wards are lagging or where they need to improve. Top Btech colleges of Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc have developed such portals and access have been given to the parents to keep a regular check on their respective wards.

Pressure on the students increases to many folds as they climb high on the stairs to achieve higher education. Top MBA Colleges of Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad came up with a technique of inviting the parents of the students for a session where the parents have to go through the some of the situations which their wards face every day. This helps them understand the situation of the scenario and it help the students to get a fair amount of support from their parents.


Parents have become too smart nowadays as with the advancement in technology, all the information related to the selection of the perfect institute can be easily filtered with the help of the most easily accessible device like smartphones, tab, etc. It’s a bit tricky for some parents to get used to it but once they catch hold of the technology then its become very easy for the parents to do research on the career path that will suit the most for their children. There are many online sites which help in counseling and also gives detailed information about the institutes with the budget of the capital they need to spend.


Parents do expect a lot from their children to achieve great success. It is for the betterment of their children, but most of the time it happens that expectation leads to tremendous pressure on their wards and most of the times they aren’t able to cope up with the pressure and fail. Parents should be a bit more broad-minded and regular counseling should be done as gaining knowledge and imparting it on various applications is far more important than scoring marks which would be only a record on papers and it may happen that the person may not be able to do so well in the corporate world.

So proper coordination is very much important between the parents, education and their respective wards.

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