Clean Dishes Without A Dishwasher

Farah Waheda Wahid
Clean Dishes Without A Dishwasher
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If you don’t have a dishwasher, it can seem like a lot of work to keep the dishes clean. You have to scrub at each one and work hard to get some of that accumulated grime off of them. You will wear yourself out, though, if you are not using the right methods to clean your dishes. Here are a few quick tips to help make washing by hand a whole lot easier.

Soak The Tough Stuff

You are going to come across some dishes that have so much caked on and encrusted food on them that you could spend all night trying to get the food off and not make much of an impact. Instead of pulling out the steel cleaning pad and scrubbing with all your strength, you can simply presoak these items for a few minutes. Just let them sit in water for about 5-10 minutes, and then you will find the food comes off much easier. The water will do a lot of the work for you.

Use Hot Water On Grease

If you have butter knives, oily pans and other dishes with greasy foods stuck to them, then you don’t want to try to wipe off the grease with your dishrag or scrubbing pad. That can just spread the grease around and make the dish a lot harder to get clean. Instead, just pour some boiling hot water from a pot or a kettle onto the dish in question. This will cut through the grease quickly and make it easy to just wipe down the dish. You can also use hot tap water to do the same thing, but be careful about burning yourself and don’t use super-hot water with thin, plastic dishes.

Clear Some Space

When you have a sink full of dishes, it can be tough to get them all clean and work around all the dishes that are in your way. It’s best to get those bigger ones out from the sink and move them out of the way until you have the smaller stuff done. You can have those larger dishes soaking while you work on the other stuff, and you will save time and have a lot less hassle to deal with.

Organizing the dishes is a good way to keep things moving smoothly and to avoid having to put too much effort into cleaning the dishes. You can put all the silverware in one place, stack up the plates and put like dishes together before you clean then. That makes it easy to use the same motions over and over again to clean a stack of dirty dishes. This is an excellent way to declutter.

Wear Gloves

Your hands can get roughed up by cleaning dishes, and if you want to protect your skin, you’ll benefit from buying some dishwashing gloves. Large latex or rubber gloves let you grab the dishes safely and easily while protecting your hands. You also don’t have to touch any of the food that is stuck to the plat.

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