Things to Know Before Becoming a Parent

Farah Waheda Wahid
Things to Know Before Becoming a Parent

No matter how strange it may seem, but a lot of men are looking for a bride from abroad because they think that a foreign girls are better at raising children than their domestic women. Well, now we know why is that popular. Regardless of whether you want to have kids with a girl from abroad or with your local girlfriend, there are certain things you need to learn before even thinking of becoming a parent. Parenthood is not that easy and simple as a lot of people tend to believe.

It's Not That Easy to Make a Baby

While certain people manage to conceive a baby fairly easily, others have to work really hard. If you think that having unprotected sex would lead to pregnancy, you are absolutely wrong. Fortunately or not, people are not bunnies. If you think that a month of unprotected sex would lead to pregnancy you are wrong again. Some people try to conceive a baby for months and years. Women get hysterically thinking they are infertile, while men start thinking about finding another girl with whom having a baby would be easier. You need to read certain literature and consult a doctor to learn about things like fertile window.

The First Few Months is a Pure Torture

Of course you think that the hardest thing is to give birth to a child. Yep, giving birth may be a stressful for a woman in physical terms and for a man in mental terms. But that's not when you are going to relax. Even if you are a man and you don't have to breastfeed the baby, you won't be getting much sleep. You think babies have regimes? No, the don't. They are going to wake you up at night with scream because, either they are hungry or their diapers got wet. So, if you are kind of people who like peaceful time, sleeping, showering, and functioning well... you may forget about it for the first few months of your baby's life.

For several months you would have to wake up every to hours at night. It is really hard to understand why the baby is screaming. You spend ten to fifteen minutes trying to calm it down, then you need to figure out the reason behind screaming. At times it would be hard for you to believe that you can survive that period without going completely insane.

Raising a Child is Not Cheap

Nobody wants to think about the financial side of having a baby. It is easy to start blind yourself with all the “children are the flowers of life”-stuff, but you need to be ready financially for a baby. It doesn't mean that you are heartless or greedy when you think about the money aspect of your baby's arrival. It means that you are more or less logical. Upbringing your child in very poor environment is not great. You need to think about the child. Can you offer your kid a financial support? Are you sure that you can cover the cost of all clothes and toys and medicine that your kid may require? What if your kid gets sick?

Of course thoughts like that may kill the mere idea of having a baby, but you need to consider all of those aspects before conceiving a baby. You need to make sure that you physically, mentally and financial ready to have a kid.

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