Spring Destination for Couples in Love

Farah Waheda Wahid
Spring Destination for Couples in Love

Many travelers are looking for affordable prices, beautiful places that are not crowded with tourists, and pleasant weather. For such “seekers”, spring is perfect. So, get ready for the journey! And we’ll show you 7 great places where you can meet spring. Of course, these directions are good at any time of the year, but spring adds the unique charm to them. The article is based on the opinion of travelers from https://vavadating.com

1. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan

One of the most inspiring factors for traveling in spring is cherry blossom. No wonder that many are rushing to Japan and the most popular national park of the Land of the Rising Sun is Fuji-Hakone-Izu. This is a quite visited place where the famous Japanese peak of Fuji is seen. In spring, in the flowering season of cherry and plum, the Fuji is especially beautiful – thanks to the lavender and pink branches, it seems that it takes the whole space.

2. National Festival of Japanese Cherry Blossom, the USA

The Americans have a wonderful alternative – they can go to Washington, where the favorite spring event of the citizens is held, the National Festival of Japanese Cherry Blossom. The megacity has grown and blossom. Hundreds of trees are picturesquely located near historical buildings, monuments, and along waterways. Local companies offer a lot of different tours (from evening river cruises to bike rides) so that guests of Washington can fully enjoy this magnificence.

3. Gardens of Keukenhof, Netherlands

What else is the unsurpassed symbol of spring? Of course, you saw the pictures of the symbolic tulip fields dozens of times. But it is a unique experience to see with own eyes the multicolored luxury, scattered along ancient mills and other village buildings. Another lure for tourists is the royal gardens of Keukenhof that work only from March to May. Here you can see more than seven million tulips of different varieties and other spring flowers and fruit trees.

4. Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Go to this fantastic country in spring, especially it is recommended to visit Manuel Antonio National Park. There are impressive beaches with white sand bordering the lush tropics, where you can meet iguanas, outlandish birds, and other representatives of the local fauna.

5. Cape May, the USA

The peaceful seascapes of New Jersey and its pretty cities are another great idea where to meet spring. For example, try to visit one of the oldest resorts in America – Cape May, located on the peninsula of the same name. People prefer to spend spring in Cape May. Picturesque Victorian houses boast of a veil of tender greenery and fragile flowers, and it’s so nice to read an interesting book on the beach! By the way, Cape May becomes a real bird’s paradise every spring: there is a migration of thousands of marine and songbirds.

6. Paris Gardens, France

There are many reasons to visit the City of Lights when nature awakens from winter sleep. Famous parks and gardens of the French capital embrace the real spring “fever”, the diversity of colors spin heads, and the smell of flowers is not inferior to the legendary fragrances of perfumes. A few days later, strolling past roses, seventeenth-century fountains and beautiful statues, hidden among the foliage of the manicured gardens, you will fall in love with the Paris spring.

7. Yosemite National Park, the USA

If you love wildlife, here is our advice: meet spring in Yosemite National Park. In April, May, and June, tourists watch the flowering meadows, flocks of rainbow trout in crystal clear water, and enjoy warm days and cool evenings. The most fascinating of them are stormy waterfalls and streams fed by melting snow.

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