Guides For Deciphering Your Property Floor Plan

Farah Waheda Wahid
Guides For Deciphering Your Property Floor Plan (7)

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your floor plan for your newly bought HDB and you are this close to build and design your very own dream house. For first time homeowners, it may be a challenge for you to understand the floor plan with the cute little symbols along the lines. Before you start scratching your head, all floor plans are the same whether it is a HDB flat in Bukit Batok or a private condo in Tanjong Pagar, the symbols used in the drawings are the same everywhere, not a rocket science to understand these. Here’s some basic guides for you to decode or decipher.

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For the beginner, there are two types of walls: structural walls and normal walls. Structural walls referring to foundation walls or pillars which support and put the house together. The walls are strictly non-hackable, do keep that in mind if you want to build a walk-in wardrobe or open-concept kitchen. As for the normal walls, you have more flexibility to hack the walls with HDB approval before proceeding to hacking the walls for your house design.

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There are three types of symbols for door in the floor plan. First, the solid line symbolizes doors provided by HDB. Second, dotted line indicates doors that’s not provided from HDB. Lastly, folding doors that looks like ‘V’ represents folding doors which is commonly build for toilet or bathrooms. Well, if you think the folding door does not match your interior style or looking unpleasant, you can hack and replace to your choice of doors. As for doors looking like wedged-looking corners in the room are used to indicate the door swinging direction and angle, normally it is swing inwards. For fengshui believers, the door placement is important as it denotes the direction for the qi to flow around the house.

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For windows, HDB provides three types of windows for the flat. First, the symbol looking like thin, hollow line walls, hard to notice is a sliding window. Second window type is the casement window like a door that you can swing open, in the floor plan, it is represented by close wedge shapes. Lastly, for top hung window usually can be found in the toilet or bathrooms, placed near the top ventilation. It is represented by short line, also hard to be notice. There are regulations for installing certain types of windows set by HDB. Do be mindful.

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Other Symbols


Usually stairs are available for maisonette, one of HDB’s series available in Bukit Batok, Clementi and Bishan. It is usually identified by lined rectangles with arrows showing the direction of movement.

50/100 Drop

This label is to represent the drop of 50mm or 100mm in floor level. Usually found in wet areas like balcony, kitchen or bathroom where washing and cleaning frequent. With this drop, it allows better drainage and avoid flooding other parts of the house.

Ramp Up

The label shows area that are installed with ramps, this is to help negotiate any level differences for example, the 100 drop.

Laundry Rack Area

Gone are those days hanging clothes using long bamboo poles. The newer HDBs these days come with the laundry rack, symbolizes with three black lines found near the service yard.

Then there’s beyond reading the plans and decipher the symbols. You’ve got to understand the layout of your unit, size of your master bedroom and toilet placements. It’s important to understand your layout of the unit for space efficient purposes when doing furniture-shopping. The boxed layout of the house makes your space efficient and fully utilised. As for the size of master bedroom is important, depending on the amount of time you will be spending in the room. If you’re spending more time in the master bedroom, there’s some space you will need to allocate for yourself so it’s airy and spacious. Then, all your bulky items will be allocated to proper rooms or spaces like the storage room. Back then most of the HDB flats have one toilet but now, the newer HDBs have toilets or bathroom attached to the master bedroom, newer HDB flats in the non-mature estates like Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Punggol and others. Make sure the arrangements are to your desired house with efficient space.

Now that you have guide that helps you to understand the floor plan, it will help you to arrange your furniture and your spaces layout ensuring your house have sufficient spaces and wide layout.

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