Do More, Be More with More Than Milk

Farah Waheda Wahid

AnleneTM #WeAreMore calls Malaysians to Go For More

Do More, Be More with More Than Milk (2)

With 50% more nutrients* than regular milk, Malaysia’s No.1** adult milk powder AnleneTM is giving you what it takes to do more each day! In line with this, the brand’s latest #WeAreMore campaign saw it teaming up with celebrities such as Stacy Anam, Noh Salleh, Chui Ling and Thomas&Jack to encourage Malaysians to go for more through their respective inspiring stories of getting more out of life despite various challenges.

According to Karen Ong, Marketing Director at Fonterra Brands Malaysia, AnleneTM ’s MoveMax unique formulation contains 50% more nutrients* compared to regular milk. It contains collagen, protein and high calcium supporting you to achieve more each day.

“We do not want to stop at providing basic nutritional benefits of regular milk. Like our campaign says, AnleneTM is for today’s adults who want to be more and do more! By packing calcium, protein and other ingredients like collagen into our formula, we give you the supports you need. Care for your bones, joints and muscles and live each day with strength and vitality so you can support your desire to do more,” she said.

Elaborating on #WeAreMore, she said: “It is a campaign to inspire Malaysians to go the extra mile in whatever they do, through genuine, moving stories of familiar personalities who got more out of lives for themselves, their loved ones and the society by pushing to do more and be more in the face of challenges”!


Stacy Anam, for example, is more than her age. At 27, she has achieved more than most people her age – under her belt are four albums, over a dozen chart-topping singles, local awards and nominations, and a certificate of recognition as a youth icon from Sabah’s Ministry of Youth and Sports. Not to mention, Stacy is a mother of two and has started an e-commerce cosmetics business!

The singer launched her pop career at the tender age of 18 when she won Astro’s long-running reality contest, Akademi Fantasia. In fact, she had started singing professionally at the age of 17 to help support her family.

Nine years after her victory on the Akademi Fantasia stage, Stacy has built her reputation as the “Malaysian Dancing Queen”, a recognition of her stage performing power, and a multi-award-winning artist. She had her first daughter Bella when she was only 22 years old and has just given birth to her second daughter earlier this year.

Stacy 2

AnleneTM, according to the Sabah-born, provides important nutrients support to people like her who do not believe in limitations. This rings true for the dancing queen who had to make a powerful come-back on stage after her pregnancy and child birth break. She needed more strength and vitality as she vocal trained and worked out amidst her mum schedule for her returning performance at an award show.

She is not alone. Wong Chui Ling, the popular television and radio host, is also a huge believer that more nutrition is the ultimate ingredient to embark on more ventures. Chui Ling, as she is better known, revealed the illustrious television and radio hosting career she has successfully built makes up only about 20 percent of what she does.

Chui Ling_2

What is not commonly known to her radio and TV fans is that Chui Ling has always been involved in the content production of all the radio and TV shows that she has hosted. In addition to her producer role, she is an award-winning entrepreneur for the boutique communications agency AW Communications, as well as start-up services 28 Days and 28 Days Academy that provides post-natal confinement services and guides mums on how to get back to the work force after having their babies.

Besides that, the energetic 40-year-old found time for her other passion – coaching others on etiquette and interpersonal skills through the School of Charisma, which she co-founded.

In between her 4am-to-10pm work days, Chui Ling ensures she spends quality time with her twin boys. She picks them up from school on weekdays and takes on the great outdoors with them on weekends.

AnleneTM provides specialised nutritional support for career mums like Chui Ling. It is important to support strong bones, joints, and muscles so that they can perform their daily roles with more strength and vitality, especially for those depending on them.

“Juggling so many commitments can be exhausting, but the ability to contribute to my industry and to the people I work with drives me. I always imagine myself as a big and tall tree, providing shelter for a lot of people,” said the slender celebrity.

“These celebrities have proven, with determination and strength, that they are more than their age and their career. We hope that their stories will fire up Malaysians’ will to be more and do more, and AnleneTM will be there supporting them all the way,” said Karen Ong.

Want to be more? Load up on nutrition that is designed to take you further. AnleneTM MoveMax is available in milk powder packs, liquid UHT milk and yogurt at major retail outlets nationwide.

For more information about AnleneTM and inspiring stories of #WeAreMore personalities, go to AnleneTM’s Malaysia Facebook at and its website at

Do More, Be More with More Than Milk

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