An Honest Confession Of HUGGIES Baby Mom!

Farah Waheda Wahid
Based on my true experience! PLEASE READ this honest confession of HUGGIES Baby Mom for the sake of your babies! Winking smile

An Honest Confession Of HUGGIES Baby Mom!

HUGGIES has been my go-to diaper brand throughout the years and I use them to this day (until he recently graduates from his Potty Training). To prove that - you could refer to my previous entries on as listed below:


When He Was Born

Although my son was born at a petite size of 2.86kg, the S-size diaper was still able to wrap around his waist and thighs pretty well. This partly due to the stretchable garters at the waist that would work great on both large and small infants.

Added to that - I love the cushioned side shields that gently hug my son's bottom, slim yet-ultra absorbent layers and leak-proof pockets to keep my son dry and light, and breathable with the hypoallergenic materials that are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash.

With HUGGIES - there NEVER a diaper rash issues that ever occurs to my son! Thank you HUGGIES! Smile

When He Was A Toddler

An Honest Confession Of HUGGIES Baby Mom! (2)

As babies grows, especially boys - HUGGIES knows how hard changing active, squirmy babies can be. Winking smile . HUGGIES pants has had helped me a lot to deal with this situation! I love the fact that they can be pulled on liked training pants and it is so easy for both of us that my son doesn't even need to lay down on the changing pad (yay!) and I can put them with him standing.

Another winning facts to my heart - the diapers is shaped to babies and toddlers bodies so they are free to kick, roll, crawl and walk. It lets them thrive in comfort and lets them move with ease. HUGGIES give your baby a more comfortable fit as it is set off to explore the world. The stretchy and soft side is important with my son as my little guy is so incredibly active those days and I like that the diaper stretches with him and offers an awesome leak protection. In fact, we've had NO LEAKS at all with HUGGIES which is awesome!

It's one of the most trusted brands in the world! Smile Once I've purposely tried to change to another brand just for the sake of experiencing the difference that other brands could offer. What happened after that? I decided to switch back to HUGGIES as there was a huge difference. Seriously! The big test was when my son couldn't sleep throughout the night with other brands compared to HUGGIES. With HUGGIES, my son will sleep throughout the nights soundly! How absorbent would HUGGIES diapers be? Because if possible, no Mom wants to wake up a peacefully sleeping baby right? Well, HUGGIES passed this test and has easily become my choice of diaper brand all the time.

Not only me! When it comes to HUGGIES - other Moms have their own say too on how they are in love with HUGGIES as the attached video below:

So far, I haven't disappointed. To each his own but for me, I'd recommend HUGGIES any and every day!

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