Here Are The Ways You’re OVERSPENDING ON YOUR BABY ( And What You Can Do Instead)

Farah Waheda Wahid

Go ahead and ask any of your parent friends “What was the silliest thing they ever bought for their first baby” and trust me when I say that you’re bound to be met with some pretty hilarious answers - car seat sunshade, feeding bottle slings, baby high heels (what?! Surprised smile), baby crying analyser, baby helmet..the list can definitely go on.

While some of these responses are sure to put a smile on your face,Smile the one premise that we can draw from these answers is how normal it is for new-parents to spend more on their babies then they actually need to.

While the costs do add up, there are actually plenty of ways to give your new bundle of joy everything they need to be happy and healthy without having to blow your budget on things like baby perfume.

Here are some of the ways you are overspending Money and what you can do as a more cost-friendly alternative and remember to head over to Saleduck Malaysia to score some snazzy deals and savings on mom and baby products all-year round!

Using Disposable Diapers 24/7

Especially name-brand disposable diapers as they tend to cost a lot more than generic brands.

Solution: Alternating between reusable nappies and disposable diapers will help you save, plus they’re also better for the environment! Opt for reusable nappies during the daytime when you’ll be around to check and change them and use disposables at night when you’ll need that added layer of protection (And sleep).

Buying Baby Formula

Parents spend an estimated cost of RM2,400 a year on baby formula. Depending on the brand you buy and the stage of infancy your baby is in, the cost of formula can vary.

Solution: If you are able, choose to breastfeed instead. Not only is it healthier for your baby but you’ll be saving some pretty big bucks on formula. You’ll probably need to invest in a breast pump but you can easily find one online for as low as RM150 and it should be able to last you for about 2 years if you care for it well.


Splurging on Baby Food

Does your baby really need to eat pulverised filet mignon and herbed roast potatoes? No they don’t.

Solution: Make your own baby food. Get a small food processor and you’ll be able to whip up healthy and wholesome meals that are 100% free of any additives and preservatives. You’ll have full control over what kinds of ingredients go into your baby’s meals and you’ll get to save a little extra money.

Buying Expensive Baby Clothes and Shoes

A Gucci onesie will not withstand a sudden growth spurt.

Solution: Buy generic brands or check with family and friends for cute little hand-me-downs. Baby’s don’t stay the same size for long which means that what fits them today probably won’t in a couple of months.


Shopping for Single-Use Items

Not only will you be paying for more items that but this also means you’ll have more stuff lying around the house.

Solution: Some things you just can’t skimp on. In cases like these, try to buy items that do double duty such as nursing balms that can also be used as cradle cap treatment, baby cribs that can be transformed into toddler beds and convertible car seats that can be used during stages of infancy and toddler.

Buying Everything! All At Once!

From bassinets to Diaper Genies to feeding bottles to clothes.

Solution: This requires a little bit of self-control and resolve because Heaven knows it can be hard to guess what a baby will and won’t need before they come into your life. Instead opt for the barest essentials and pick up the rest as and when you need them. You’ll also come to learn that you can improvise on certain things a lot of the time.

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