Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter!

Farah Waheda Wahid
Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter!

It’s gonna be winter once again in Japan! Smile… Tobu Railway Co. Ltd, the biggest private railroad company in Kanto, Japan, offers routes to five special winter illumination events to spend the year-end holidays. Limited to winter season, the displays start in late October and run till March 2017. The light displays are located in areas along Tobu Railway’s massive rail network through Tokyo and four neighbouring prefectures. Travellers can make their way to Tokyo, Tochigi, Saitama, and Miyagi all within a day or overnight trip to witness the spectacular sights. The journey can start from Asakusa or Tokyo station.

Ashikaga Flower Park – A Light Flower Garden

Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 2

Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 3

This is the biggest illumination event in Kanto area with 3.5 million lights. It is recognised as a Japan night view heritage site where the entire park is decorated with colourful lights.  At the “Flower Fantasy – A Light Flower Garden”, the entire park is decorated with colorful lights and visitors can enjoy various types of illumination. The “Miraculous Great Wisteria” – a reproduction of an enchanted wisteria trellis using illumination – presents an impressive sight that looks like a real wisteria trellis swaying in the wind. Furthermore, in addition to the “Light Rose” which has 5,000 roses and the “Light Wisteria” that befits the concept of a garden of light flower Garden, a “Light Water Lily” has been added this year. An aurora created using lights will also appear in the sky above the “Snow World” showing an image of the perennial children’s favorite, Santa Claus, flying across the sky.

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Tobu World Square Illumination – Simultaneous Light-Up of 102 World-Famous Buildings

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Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 5

At “Tobu World Square”, 102 world-famous buildings from 21 countries are skillfully reproduced on a 1/25 scale, including 46 buildings registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Every building will be illuminated this winter! Landmarks such as the world’s tallest tower TOKYO SKYTREE, the supertall skyscraper “TAIPEI 101” in Taiwan were added to the collection last year.The Eiffel Tower, Duomo in Milan and the pyramids of Egypt among many others will be lighted up simultaneously, creating a dream-like, fantastical setting. Furthermore, the “Tobu World Square” is located near Kinugawa Hot Spring, one of the prominent hot springs in Kanto. Visitors are highly recommended to combine the illumination event with a relaxing stay in one of the hot spring inns in the magnificent Kinugawa Valley where they can enjoy warm soothing baths.
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Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination – With a Parade by Real Animals

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Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 7

An infinite number of lights are scattered across an expansive park filled with the wonders of nature. A parade by real animals will also be held! Now in its 8th year, the “Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination” will see the park decorated by about 2 million LED lights. Furthermore, the gigantic LED screen that first appeared last year has been increased in size to more than 20 meters in length, and there will be a “Rhythmination” show of lights in which LED light bulbs spread all over an open plaza will light up simultaneously in rhythm to the dynamic CG images displayed on the LED screen.Furthermore, a “Light Sakura” created by illumination will bloom on the cherry blossom trees that surround the Swan Pond at the East Gate end of the park, and the amusement park area will also be lighted upon bright and glamorous colors. A“Starlight ZOO Parade” in which animals move around the park together with illumination cars and a “Reindeer Event” in the Christmas season will also be held.

Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 13

Sendai Pageant of Starlight – The City of Trees

Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 8

Rows of zelkova trees in Sendai, the City of Trees, are covered in the illumination of 600,000 LED lights. The “SENDAIPAGEANT OF STARLIGHT” which started out as a project of local volunteer is now in its 31st year. The event is known throughout Japan as a winter tradition of Sendai and attracts a lot of attention as one of the prominent illumination events. Last year, the event attracted about 2.8 million visitors. The illumination event is held at Jozenji-dori, a road lined with zelkova trees that are a symbol of Sendai - the City of Trees. 600,000 LED lights are used to decorate the 160 zelkova trees, and the rows of trees stretching for 800 meters will be totally wrapped in light. A pedestrian walkway runs through the center section of Jozenji-dori so that visitors can enjoy walking right under the illuminated trees. During the illumination event, are-lighting event called “Starlight Winkle”will be carried out 3 times a dayso that visitors will have more opportunity to enjoy the wondrous moment when the lights come on. The warm and soothing lights that decorate the City of Trees in a beautiful way help to create a romantic atmosphere during the Christmas season.
Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 14

Tokyo Skytree Town – World’s Tallest Tower Turned into The World’s Tallest Christmas Tree

Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 9

In addition tospecial lighting to make TOKYO SKYTREE look like the world’s tallest Christmas tree,various spots in TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN will also be decorated with about 400,000 candle color lights. For the annual projection mapping show, the lower section of the TOKYO SKYTREE tower will be used as the main screen for the first time this year, and visitors can enjoy a powerful visual display that takes advantage of the structure of the tower body.
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Recommended Hotel Information

During the illumination event, a guidance map of “SENDAIPAGEANT OF STARLIGHT” (available in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Thai) will be distributed at Sendai Kokusai Hotel, which has also prepared an accommodation plan that comes with a gift of an original blend of tea called “Scent of Trees” which was created based on the image of Sendai and the “SENDAIPAGEANT OF STARLIGHT.” Please use the conveniently located Sendai Kokusai Hotel which can be accessed in a 15-min walk from “SENDAIPAGEANT OF STARLIGHT” or about a 10-min walk if the subway is used.
Sendai Kokusai HotelPageant of Starlight Special Plan URL:

Map of Illumination Events to be Held in Various Regions

Illuminate Your Holidays in Japan This Winter! 16

Catch the Light Festival now in its full sparkle!

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