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Farah Waheda Wahid

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Essential Nutrition for a Growing Brain
Some days, it can be a struggle just to get my picky little one to eat- but I am concerned about providing my toddler with the best nutritional balance, essential fatty acids are among the vital "ingredients" I will want to include in his everyday meals. These are also know as omega fats, a scientific name that refers to their chemical structure. Both omega-3 and omega-6 oils are important for a healthy brain, heart and much more- and those benefits start early.

Omega fatty acids can give my little one a health boost starting in the womb, and they remain important throughout childhood. These fats assist in brain development and also support the rest of the nervous system, skin, eyes and heart. They also regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthen the cell walls, and are useful in building the hormones and other signal molecules my infant's body needs to grow and develop properly.

Omega fats are considered essential in nutrition because the human body can't make them out of anything else - they have to come from your diet. Fish, nuts and seeds are rich in omegas. You'll also find all kind of foods in the supermarket that are fortified with omega fats, including cereal, pasta, yogurt, eggs and juices. I need to stock up on omega-rich foods to help my child's brain and body grow strong, smart and healthy. 

*mood untuk remind diri sendiri dan bebel kepada diri sendiri... ;-) ...because I care... 

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  1. Moga membesar dengan sihat dan kuat..

  2. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Farah ... Maaf Zahir Batin :)
    Mesti Raya tahun ni yang paling best kan :D

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