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Farah Waheda Wahid
So??? After randomly Googling around, I've decided to sign up at Bfab!

All you need to do is just click on the Join button as you could see on top of the right hand corner in the picture that I have screenshot above. Fill up your particular and submit... 

A box asking for your confirmation code that has been sent to your mobile number will appear automatically and you will need to fill up the confirmation code before you are allowed to proceed with the next steps! :-).

What Is Bfab???
BFAB is actually a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about internet startups & eCommerce and about building something which will sustainably change an entire industry. They are supported by top-notch experienced beauty & wellness industry advisories as well as associations such as the Malaysian Hairdressing Association, Malaysia Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA) and others. They are serious about their mission and they work hard to achieve it. 

Bfab Vision???
Their vision is to change completely the way a beauty & wellness appointment is managed. They want to provide a transparent, trustworthy and convenient way to book an appointment. The result is to become THE leading one-stop instant beauty & wellness booking platform in South East Asia. 

Bfab Mission???
Their mission is to create a platform which provides tangible and sustainable results for both parties - customers and merchants. 

It is very convenient indeed especially for busy people out there! A mom is always busy! Rarely have that much time to spend at salon and spa. Yeah, I could just walk-in and get my hair-cut or my body massage but the only thing with walking in to a beauty center, you will never know whether it will requires you to wait longer or not...It based on luck! Furthermore, it could be filled by all other pre-appointment made by others. 

Mom like me, could never have the ample time pampering myself based on my own timing and based on how long I would take. I need to take into consideration of my son timing as well! It's not to say that if you are a mom you could not have your own sweet time but being a mom teaches you how to use time effectively and wisely... You've gotta make the time for everything! A mom is a mother, housekeeper, chef, teacher, nurse, coach, chauffeur, story teller, monster killer, planner, organizer, decorator, crafter, best friend, multi-tasking queen and wonder woman! Ha ha ha... That's where, I have always find myself ended up trying to do things for my own self in the most convenient and effective way that I could. 

The question now that I have is that...whether I should go for a hair-cut appointment or I should opt for the therapeutic massage? Orrr...a spa instead? At Bfab, there's a galore of beauty and wellness wonders for me! Hair Removal Services, Massage Services, Body Treatment Services, Face Treatment Services, Hair Services, Spa Services, Manicure, Pedicure as well Makeup & Eyes...Phewww... These are all quite challenging for me to choose! :-P

What you will discover at Bfab that all the services are being offered by the top local beauty & wellness services from haircuts to a massage or even an express manicure for your next appointment at the most affordable and reasonable pricing. The best part of it is that, you could book it online on Bfab anytime, anywhere! Select a prefered service & get an instant confirmation based on availability. Set back and enjoy your unique beauty and wellness experience. :-). Wonderful! 

The benefits to customers as I've experienced:

The services that you book via Bfab are FREE OF CHARGE! No fees or additional charges, no price markups. Thus, BFAB is completely free for you and you don't overpay a single cent! 

Compare services and prices from a comprehensive list of available salons. This gives you the control to choose your desired salon and service that fits your budget and preference. 

Access the calendar of each salon in real-time. Find free available time slots and book your appointment in just 20 seconds. You will receive your confirmation instantly. 

Enjoy their useful features such as confirmation and reminder emails/sms, historic and upcoming booking overview, ability to add salons as your favorites, add a credit card by using their secure system and many more. 

Find and discover the best new salons near you. The area logic gives you the possibility to discover salons or deals which you wouldn't have imagined. Try and be surprised. 

Choose your salons or services based on reviews and ratings from their trusted customers. They will add a personal and authentic perspective and can help you to select the right salon, service or even a stylist. 

Book your service on Bfab - anytime, anywhere and 24/7! Even if you book at 2 am, the real-time booking system will make sure you'll find the free time slot and will be able to book the appointment instantly. 

Learn about top deals and promotion of your favourite salons in your area, special packages and events related to beauty. Additionally, through our loyalty program, you'll get further access to exclusively "only-for-Bfab-members" special perks and promotions. 

So what is my choice finally??? 

I'm a happy mom! :-)... Finally I got to reward myself accordingly to what I needed the most! After thinking carefully on what would be the most beneficial treat to my own self... I've made the decision to go for a hair cut as it does really need a trimming session. 

Yippie yeay!!! As soon as the booking has been confirmed, it was followed by a confirmation e-mail from the Bfab Team. Looking forward for my visit to Hair Groom Arena and will share my experience in getting a hair cut there too later! ;-) 

Something fabulous for readers... :-)... A 20% off everything promo: USE THE CODE "BFABNOW" at and GET 20% OFF EVERYTHING ON Bfab TILL 1 MARCH 2016. THIS CODE IS USEABLE FOR UP TO 4 BOOKINGS! Just for readers yeah? Tag them at #bfabmy.

Find. Book. Be Fabulous.

Book Beauty Salon And Spa Near You via Bfab

Customer –°are:

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm

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