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Farah Waheda Wahid

What is brain fitness?

Our brain controls the mental processes and physical actions of human beings. The brain has the ability to restructure itself after training or practice.
“Brain Fitness Training works by building neural connections in our brain to form more efficient neural networks. When brain fitness activities are conducted in a way consistent with the laws that govern neuroplasticity, cognitive abilities can be improved. ” - Cheryl Chia, Founder of BrainFit Studio
As parents, we aspire to give the very best to our children. We want them to obtain education and learn new skills so that they have the platform to take on all the opportunities life has to offer.. By preparing them, we give them the opportunity to blossom to their full potential.

The route to success: do well in school… high marks in exams… get into a good university… yet not everyone’s path is the same because everyone is unique; all children are unique. Some of them are smart students who are bored and become unmotivated. Some are good students who need a little push. Some are average students who require some help. And there are some who have learning disabilities.
In today’s competitive world, with Ash turning 2 soon, I am gradually taking a serious concern in  Ash’s developmental growth . I don’t wish to burden him with the expectation of being the top student but I do want him to be the top learner. My wish is for him to acquire lifelong learning skills that will enable him to acquire new knowledge and experiences quickly. Lucky for me, I was able to get a clear understanding of how this could be achieved.
Recently, I was invited to the newly opened BrainFit studio in The Curve mall. The BrainFit Studio seeks to improve the brain fitness of your child through its various programs based on the latest neuroscience research. Through the boosting of your child’s brain fitness and improvement in cognitive skills, the BrainFit studio aims to sharpen your child’s learning skills.  In connection to my wish for Ash to acquire learning skills, I’ll share with you my experience with BrainFit studio.

With targeted programs for children for each age group from toddlers to teenagers  –BrainFit Studio is known in Singapore for imparting holistic brain fitness training.

So how does brain fitness training work? Each child is unique and may require different cognitive sections of the brain to be strengthened. The BrainFit studio recognizes this and uses a proprietary Cognitive MAP assessment to measure your  child’s cognitive skills, and identify areas that can be improved. A robust series of tests is conducted to measure the  5  main pillars of the brain: Visual, Sensory-Motor, Auditory, Attention and Memory, and Socio-Emotional.

After the assessment, a certified trainer will  make recommendations and design a program that best meets your child’s needs. All the programs at BrainFit Studio are conducted according to the SMARTTM Protocol:
  • Set personal objectives ( establishing appropriate and achievable goals)
  • Measure with CognitiveMAPTM
  • Adapt activities to abilities (choose the correct brain fitness training program and level, based on the individual’s brain fitness profile)
  • Rewire the brain through the activities
  • Transform brain for total performance.                                                                   

One term of brain training sessions at BrainFit Studio Malaysia will consist four (4) programs:


Suitable for students  5+ to 18 years of ageSMART™ Moves aims to strengthen a student’s sensory-motor brain fitness and accelerate learning speed using a proven and personalized gym-based program. Sensory-motor brain fitness is critical in the classroom whenever a child needs to put pen to paper (e.g. for drawing, colouring and writing), participate in activities with other children or execute any response with a movement element.

During each SMART™ Moves session, your child will participate in a series of movement activities that build gross motor skills and processing speed (including core stability, balance and coordination, motor planning) as well as table-top activities that build fine motor and handwriting skills.

“After I had gone through SMART™ Moves, I have improved on my speed in writing and copying class notes from the board. I am much faster now and don’t need to borrow my friend’s book anymore. When I play sports, such as soccer, I’m better at passing the ball and the team likes me better now” 12 year-old boy, after 6 weeks of SMART™ Moves

SMART™ Moves – Details & Benefits. See improvement in:
  • Focus and organization
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Learning speed
  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Advance visual skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Confidence

Suitable for students  5+ to 18 years of age, SMART™ Vision aims to rapidly improve a student’s visual brain fitness by using a proven and personalized program comprising gym-based exercises, table-top as well as computer-based visual activities. Their visual brain fitness helps us to quickly and accurately interpret the information received through our eyes, especially important in the classroom.

Having strong visual brain fitness helps students to excel in “visual” subjects such as Math, geometry and have neat, effortless handwriting. During each SMART™ Vision session, your child will participate in a series of movement activities that strengthen eye movement speed and accuracy, visual spatial awareness as well as table-top and computer-based activities that enhance visual perception, visual-motor integration and visual memory.

“The changes in her after she completed the programs are remarkable. Her handwriting has improved dramatically. It is easier for her to focus at school and she even enjoys reading and Math now!” Nancy Fox, mother of 9-year-old Juliette Bouwman

SMART™ Vision – Details & Benefits. See improvement in:
  • Handwriting & copying
  • Learning speed and abilities
  • Focus and attention
  • Visual perception and memory
  • Accuracy in detailed work
  • Visual spatial awareness and organization
SMARTTM Listening
Suitable for students  5+ to 18 years of age, SMART Listening™ utilizes the Fast ForWord® family of products, proven for its effectiveness at MIT, Stanford and Harvard Universities. The result of more than 30 years of neuroscientific research, this software has helped over 2 million students boost their auditory, reading and language skills for improved scholastic performance.

Children who have been trained on Fast ForWord® have displayed improved auditory, language and reading skills and increased self-esteem in and out of the classroom. Fast ForWord® is a computer-based product that accelerates learning by developing Learning MAPS™, key cognitive skills comprising Memory, Attention, Processing, and Sequencing. Through Frequency, Adaptivity, Simultaneous development, and Timely motivation, the FAST Power Learning Formula™, language, reading and comprehension skills improve.

“I won’t think of the change as physical, but it really improves response time. And you know what? It means more time to react to changes without being oblivious to the fact that changes, whether physical or mental, are happening around you. Not just response, but comprehension, too. Keeps me more alert, something even Java can’t bring to me. Kudos!” - 14 year-old boy, after 6 weeks of SMART Listening™

SMART Listening – Details & Benefits See improvement in:
  • Auditory processing
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Auditory memory
  • Receptive and expressive language skills
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Learning speed
  • Attention and focus
  • Communication and social skills
  • Confidence

Suitable for students  5+ to 18 years of age, SMART™ Focus utilizes the educationally proven computer-based programs, Play Attention and Jungle Memory, to build attention and working memory brain fitness. Play Attention is developed from NASA technology and certified by the Space Foundation. It uses feedback-based technology to build skills that strengthen our attention brain fitness.

This is crucial to support all areas of learning, impacting a student’s focus and organization, as well as behaviour, academics and social interactions. Jungle Memory builds working memory through the use of adaptive technology and interactive games. Working memory is used to remember important information as well as to work with it; e.g. when doing mental Math, we need to remember a set of numbers and simultaneously complete the calculation. Students who use Jungle Memory have seen improvement in IQ, classroom performance, self-esteem and behaviour.

“When I came home from work last night, my son came running to me waving this piece of homework in his hand. For the first time ever, he was able to finish all his homework during class – a great achievement for him to have the attention and focus to complete a task swiftly! We are all so proud!” Parent of a 7 year-old boy, after 20 weeks of SMART™ Focus.

SMART™ Focus – Details & Benefits. See improvement in:
  • Attention and concentration
  • Ability to stay on task
  • Working memory
  • Attention stamina
  • Impulse control
  • Over-activity

During the tour, I  had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Harish Babla , CFE of Global Franchise Master. Mr. Babla emphasized, the brain is a muscle and through repeated training and practice we can restructure the neurons in the brain to process information faster and more efficiently. Which parent doesn’t want their child to have increased IQ, improved problem solving skills, be able to remember more, be brimming with confidence, be focused organized and attentive? We believe that all parents aspire for their child to be a scholar, artist or athlete and BrainFit Studio’s whole brain training can result in a child achieving his or her potential for a successful life”

What I did realize, after the tour and after learning so much about our brain is that BrainFit programs focused on the foundation needed for our kids to learn. Yes!!! Building a solid foundation is very important. Brain fitness training builds mental efficiency and when the brain is efficient, everything else follows. Great right?

There is only so much that a parent can understand from his or her child’s development through observation, spending time together and through  home-learning  with the child. Try the Cognitive MAP assessment and you may be surprised with the test result; parents have been known to be surprised by the gaps in the cognitive abilities of their children or that the assessment validates some of their worries. I am opting to enroll Ash into these  programs once the Baby/Junior program is launched. If you have always been wondering why is your child suffering from a lack of attention, or is slower than his peers, it may be time for you to visit the BrainFit studio to understand how the brain affects your child’s pace of learning. Furthermore, the BrainFit studio is hosting free non-obligatory information sessions daily for all parents for a limited time. Contact the BrainFit studio for more information today.

For More Information:

Ms. Frena Tan

BrainFit Studio, MutiaraDamansara
Lot 118, First Floor, The Curve Mall
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +012 217 9921

About BrainFit Studio Malaysia
Global Franchise Masters Private Limited (GFM) of Singapore announces the opening of the 1stBrainFit Studio franchise in Malaysia on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at the Curve mall, 1st Floor in MutiaraDamansara.

The first franchise is being opened by Master Franchisee, Brain Fit EducareSdn. Bhd, who has signed a Master Franchisee agreement with GFM to develop a minimum of 15 franchised locations in Malaysia and Brunei. “We are very excited to bring BrainFit Studio franchise to Malaysia and have the first location in The Curve Mall for the benefit of all the parents in the Damansara area who want to give their children the Ultimate Advantage in Life,” said Ms. Frena Tan, Managing Director of Brain Fit EducareSdn. Bhd.

“BrainFit Studio provides whole brain training to transform the brain to be more efficient and fit. Our philosophy is unique from tuition or enrichment centers, where BrainFit programs work on the foundational cognitive skills that enables all learning to be enhanced. The training results in the student gaining valuable cognitive skills for success not only in school, but overall success in life,” said Mr. Harish Babla, Managing Director of GFM.

Children ages 5+-16 workout with ceritified brain trainers at the BrainFit Studio twice per week for one hour, rotating through four modules: SMART Moves, SMART Listening, SMART Vision and SMART Focus. These neuroscience-based programs have been tested since 2001 to deliver proven results that positively impact the lives of all students.

Brain Fit EducareSdnBhd is the Master Licensee for BrainFit Studio franchise for Malaysia and Brunei. The company is led by Ms. Frena Tan and Mr. Robert Lim. Managing Director, Ms. Tan has experience with child-oriented business and a passion for working with children. Mr. Lim runs a successful chain of retail stores. The company has plans to open a minimum of 15 BrainFit Studio franchisees in the next 5 years.

BrainFit Studio was started by Ms. Cheryl Chia in Singapore in 2001. Ms. Chia has a Masters in Pediatric physiotheraphy and is a leading practitioner of the latest research in neuroplasticity, making her sought-after expert in the field of brain training.

About Global Franchise Masters
GFM is headquartered in Singapore and is led by Mr. Harish Babla, its Managing Director and CEO. GFM is responsible for the development and growth of the BrainFit Studio brand globally. Today BrainFit Studio operates in 6 countries. The team at GFM has over 30 years expertise in franchising and scaling businesses for global growth based on the world class franchising standards. The GFM group of brands includes BrainFit Studio ( from Singapore and Acumen Sports ( from Argentina, Mr. Babla has been involved in franchising since 1983.

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