The Greatest Prison People Live In Is In The Fear of What Other People Think...

Farah Waheda Wahid

Since beginning, I do not have the fear of what other people think of me... I do not know what it is meant to be afraid of what other people think of me... Never! To me... the fear of what other people thought of me will only keep me trapped. It will prevent me from reaching my full potential and from enjoying life to its fullest. Why should I? By having the fear of what other people think, I will not be able to bring myself to dance in public for fear that people would point and laugh. I will not be able to voice my opinions for fear they'd be thought stupid. And I do realize, if I have the fear of what other people think, someday at the lowest point of my life, it will make me struggle, even it is just walking down the street as my mind will run wild with images of people talking about and laughing at me as I went by.  I do not want to be paralyzed by the fear if I put myself out there I'd be ridiculed and rejected. I do not want the "real me" remained cocooned somewhere inside. Duhh... I hate that feelings ok? 

Seriously, why does it matter so desperately what others think of us? Why do we fear what how we are perceived by others? 

In this life, we are never alone. The Mercy Allah will always be there for us, will always there for us. Too often we suffer our fears in silence. We believe ourselves to be the only one. Everywhere we look we seem to be surrounded by confident people. But I've come to realize that everyone - those who appear confident or shy; extroverts of introverts, we all, each and every one of us are struggling with our own fears. When the fear of what other people think is holding you back, take a look around and remember, everyone is living with his or her own fear. We are not alone.

By confronting our fears, we help others confront theirs. More than anything, when we stop caring what others think and set out to achieve our goals and dreams, we give others the power to do the same. Someone is always watching and wishing they had our courage... *_^... By stepping up to our own fears, we really do help others face theirs. Be vulnerable and honest. Being open about our fears and confronting them head on could be the greatest gift we ever give.

What we think they think isn't the reality. Bear that in mind. Those people over there? The ones we think are talking about us? Judging us? They're not. Really. They don't have time. They're too busy worrying about what people are thinking about them! And even if they were looking at us, judging us, talking about us, we can almost be certain they're not saying the awful things we imagine. Instead, they're envying the clothes that we wear, our shoes, the way we look so confident and calm. Hik hik hik... Thinking positively it seems...So be positive and just take it as what we think people think of us doesn't come close to the reality. 

Freedom from the fear of what others think is possible. The fear of what other people think of us is like a cage. Over time we become so used to being inside that cage we eventually come to forget what the outside might be like. We resign ourselves to living within its walls. By taking deliberate and purposeful action to overcome the fear of what others think of us, we slowly regain our freedom and escape from the confines of the prison we've created for ourselves. And life outside that cage? It's pretty awesome! It's a place where we can be the person we always knew we were meant to be. And that, being fully self-expressed, being everything we know we are, fulfilling our greatest potential in life, that's the greatest feeling we could ever know.

Don't ever ever let the fear of what other people think stop us from living the life we were meant to live!!! Don't let it stop us!!! And for that reason... I don't even give a damn and I don't care ok??? 

If there is really anyone out there thinks to much about me and my life.. Well, it's up to your own discretion and it's up to you after all.. Maybe it seems you have so much time and space in your life to let me in... If you feel like talking and badmouthing or bad typing about me... I will always say Alhamdulillah... I've told once in my entries not so long time ago... back then in 2012... You Know My Name But Not My Story... And let me repeat it once again here itself... 

People like it when you tell them things, in suitable portions, in a modest, intimate tone. They think they know you, but they don't. They know about you, for what they are let in on are facts, not feelings, not what your opinion is about at all, not how what has happened to you and how all the decisions you have made turned you into who you are. What they do is, they fill in curiosity with their own feelings and opinions and assumptions, and they compose a new life which has precious little to do with yours. But that lets you off the hook. No one can touch you unless you yourself want them to.

I've never mislead anyone. I've let people fool themselves even though they claimed I am the fools. Some don't even bother to find out who and what I am. Many will try to invent a character for me, but I don't bother trying to prove to them otherwise. Those who matter, know me. My only concern is my character, because my character is what I really am, while my reputation is merely what others think I am. So don't be quick to judge, you only see what I choose to show...

All we have to do... we must break the shackles and free ourselve from the prison of what other people may think... Sitting in the prison fearing of what other people think, brings us no where? Ain't it? So it is ain't worth to create additional baggage of things in our life... We can pick up of what other people thinking on certain things for our betterment but do not live in the fear of what other people think... 

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  1. Indeed!!!
    Kita buat apa yg kita tahu ia tak salah, kalau asyik dok pk apa orang cakap pasal kita memang tak ke mana...pernah alami situasi mcm ni dlu...but nowwwww never...move on!

  2. Bior je... Takpe prlu nk pikir sgt psal org.. Apa org kata.. Apa org fikir.. Kita ikut apa Allah dan Nabi s.a.w kata.. Itu jalan nk kita ikut..dr ikut ckp2 org..

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