7 Ways A Wife Injures Her Husband (Without Even Knowing It)...

Farah Waheda Wahid
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It's an emotional injury. Sometimes those are the worst kind of hurts. He he he... Actually a wife does injures  her husband (without even knowing it)... "Iyalah, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit yer tak? Inikan pula suami isteri gitchewwss)... So, I've stumbled upon this article HERE and giving it a second thought of sharing with you peeps here in Bubblynotes.Com... Let's roll the list and think whether it is a yes or it is a no no... Bha ha ha...

Accordingly, here are the 7 ways a wife injures her husband (without even knowing it):

Put Him Down In Front of Other People
Most men will not counter this type of humiliation in public...if ever. They will simply take it...and hurt. If they do eventually address it will be out of stored up resentment...maybe anger...and it won't be pretty. 

Go Behind Him When He Tries To Do Something At Home
Always show him how much better you can do things than he can do them. He will appreciate that. When he fixes the bed... make sure you show him the "correct way" immediately after he finishes. He will be reminded he doesn't measure up to your standards.

Constantly Badger Him
If he doesn't do what you want him to do... remind him. Again and again (because that accomplishes what you want him to do).

Use The "You Always" Phrase... Excessively
Because he "always" does and, best news yet, it helps build him into a man that always will.

Hold Him Responsible For Your Emotional Wellbeing
He's the reason you feel bad today and every other day you feel bad. So, make sure he knows it's his fault. And, you don't have to tell him. Subtly, just be in a bad mood towards him, without realeasing him from guilt. He'll take the hint and own the responsibility. He will think it's his fault even if it's not.

Complain About What You Don't Have or Get To Do
He has a desire to fix things. He wants to be a provider. Every man does. Some attempt to live it out and some don't. But, when he's trying, doing the best he can and yet he feels he isn't measuring up, he's crushed. When you are always commenting on what other women have that you don't, he carries the blame, even if you're not intending it to be his. 

Don't Appreciate His Efforts
Want to injure a man? Refuse to appreciate the things he feels he does well. It could be work, a hobby or a trait, but he feels part of his identity in the things he does. When you don't find them as "valuable" as he does, his ego is bruised. 

The reality is a man's ego - his self-confidence and sense of worth - is greatly tied to his wife, just as a woman's is to her husband. We can be fragile people, some more than others. Understanding these issues and addressing them will help build healthier, stronger and happier people and marriages, ain't it? *_^ 

So??? You've done with reading??? La la la la... try to think and speak to our ownselves and whether we as a wife had ever injures our husband without even knowing it? Denggg... 

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