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The Reasons Why I Always Need A Big Handbag...

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Assalamualaikum and holla peeps!!! Phewww... my chaotic life is about to start again from now on... Errr... yes, actually that's the fact and no worries it's a norm routine since day one. Agagagaga...And at this moment I'm trying my very best to put everything into its place for a daily smooth running.

Had your lunch? Or having your lunch at the moment? Enjoy your meal peeps!!! ^_^...Alhamdulillah, I just had mine...just a quick bite for the day... ^_*

Suddenly this thinking came across my mind... Hurmm... after sometime, whether you believe it or not... I just do not know how to use a small handbag with limited compartments. Reason being??? Wakakakaka... I get use to the habits of wearing a big kind of handbags most of the time and I've found it is the most convenient one for me. Especially when you have an extra "handbag" around. ^_*. 

With the big handbag, and lots of compartment... you could just "chak" everything inside. For me, it is important to have a big handbag for daily wearing to the office and weekend. 

On a daily basis for office purposes, it is important for me to carry along a big handbag... in order.... to put all my things for work inside...from the make-up tools, wallet, coins bag, pens, organizer, tablet, mobile phone and etc... ha ha ha... 

On weekend basis... on top of those mentioned in the aforesaid... Ash's stuffies would be an "extra baggage" in it...namely 2 piece of diapers, milk bottle, wet tissues, spare clothes...and bla bla bla... I've found that it is so useful and convenient for me... hik hik hik... 

So? Nothing!!! Just a zero ramblings at noon talking about my current preferences of handbag usage according to it's suitability of conditions and situations... 

Till we meet again in the next entry! In Shaa Allah... Cheerios and daaa... 
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14 komentar:

  1. Happy New Year 2015 Farah...... hari ni hari Bahasa Inggeris yehhhh

    Betul Farah bawak beg besar mmg senang semua sumbat dlm bag....hihi... Tp naik rebeh bahu okje tau kekadang

  2. mmg biasa sangat mak-mak bawa barang baby dalam handbag besar.. senang

  3. hurmmm even spare handbag dah besar pun akak still need a big handbag,,knowing me as a so called busy lady in the world...memang semua campak dalam handbag...senang...huhu....

  4. Agreement... it's nice post

  5. normally ibu ibu mmg suka pakai handbag besar tp kita pun suka. . boleh sumbat semua benda dlm tu. ahaks

  6. sy tak suka sbnrnya yg besar sgt.. tpi lpas dh de anak kena la suka juga... hehe

  7. hahaha..tu la kegunaan beg besar..boleh isi macam-macam..

  8. hhehe mommy with kid memang perlukan extra beg :D

  9. exactly..
    akak pun suka guna handbag besar coz segala benda leh masuk
    powerbank, telekung travel dan macam2 lagilah

  10. senang handbag besar. segala jenis mak nenek boleh letak. hahaha :P

  11. tempat tumpang barang para suami. heheh

  12. dah ada anak ni memang kena beg besar..Kadang2 nory tumpang backpack Iqy je letak henpon n wallet...hahaha...sebab barang anak lagi banyak..hehehe

  13. yes ! i love beg besar too..sebab malas nk bwk beg anak n selalu bwk tp tertinggal dalam kete huhu...i hope its not too late to wish u happy nw year 2015 n may u have a branded, very nice looking 'big' handbag ...cheers!


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