His Expectations When Mummy Reach Home...

Farah Waheda Wahid

So your Mummy owns Dutch Lady Milk Industries is it? Huh... ha ha ha... and you think that your Mummy operates the 7-E, Speedmart, TESCO and sort of kind of things in the world? So currently... here comes the daily routine of my toddler son Ash...

Every time the engine stops by the porch, he will be the first to greet and welcoming me home with.... Hurmmm... with his own expectations that Mummy will bring me something from work every day... I will get my rewards for being a good boy at home while Mummy is working... Bla bla bla... so on and so forth... 

To children, parents are their superheroes. Children look to parents to learn about the world around them. When it comes to expectations, children are truly a reflection of their parents. Gulp... face palm... am I really saying this? Bha ha ha... Heyyy, but I'm not like that duhhh... ok ok admitting it... when I was a little girl I do have this kind of expectations from my parent. Ekekekeke.... So, I'm repeatedly telling myself, seal your mouth and do not mumble... La la la la la... 

What would happen if there is nothing for him? He will mumble in his own language and become clingy until I start the engine and bring him to the shop. For him, Alhamdulillah so far he's not choosy or demanding of whatever I bought for him. Well he's too little to do so isn't it? Still exploring about the world and doesn't really know what to choose at this age... Really? Not exactly actually... ha ha ha... he knows his Dutch Lady Kids box in the 7-E or Petronas kiosks. He recognizes the sight of it. If you just change it to Vitagen or what so not kind of drinks that might be suitable for his age, he will just throw it off to the floor and pointing to that specific particular box in the freezer... Oh my... 

It's not only the Dutch Lady part yeah? It must be accompany at least with a bread or waffle biscuits. It doesn't need to come in a huge packet... just a small one that cost RM2.90 would do. ^_^... The reality and the fact, he do know how to spend daily now. Agagagaga... and for this Mummy had to prepare in Mummy's pocket at least RM5.00 just for his spending!!! Let us do a bit of Maths here... RM5.00 multiplies by 30 days in a month equivalent to RM150.00. Nahhh, I'm just bluffing. Not every day that I will entertain him on what he wants. I am teaching him how to spend wisely. 

Phewww... twice a week I will entertain him to shop by bringing him to the shop but on the daily routine besides those 2 days... I will just buy a 70 cents cream bread for him. That is actually enough and you could see how happy his expression on his face after receiving a "souvenir" from Mummy for the day. This excluding the expenses on weekend outings. 

Apparently, this is one of the reasons that Mummy has to work hard to find money. For who else? If not for this toddler son of mine. It is not the setting up of habit or attitude for him because I do believe that Allah granted us with the blessing to earn money and the money earned is actually what the AlMighty Allah channeled for him. ^_^... On the attitude part and habit part... it is depending on how we raise and how we train our children. Yup, it is not advisable to pamper our children too much with things but from my personal point of view, as long as he is eating whatsoever brought, that's not an issue to me... When he started to waste... I will not entertain and will stop just right there... No more buying or shopping on daily basis... ^_* ... This is limited for food and drinks only... not for toys! Toys shopping are on me! (Kalau hari-hari beli mainan mau rabak poket Mummy... membazir dan mana nak letak?)... 

Well... it's a norm for toddler right? I believe it is not only Ash that having this kind of expectations... some of the parents out there may face the same situation as mine! ^_*

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  1. pandai ash..nak paw sapa lg kan? mama papa jela

  2. Yup, for else are we working hard for, if not to spent on our kids, right? As long as tak terover manjakan sangat, layan kan je laa skali skala :-)

  3. Hoho...Pandai dah Ash...Lepas ni mummy kena buat budget 2015 yg baru utk Ash..kiki

  4. Biasa la tu dik budak2...bbiasa memang kita bought sumthin for him...sebab tu dia akan ingat mcm tu kan...

  5. Sama la ank sy. Mesti pesan... Ummi nk karipap... Tak pun kerepek... Mesti belikan sesuatu... Tapi.xde lah hari2...

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