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Farah Waheda Wahid
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2015 yet to come... still far but yet so near... Time is turning around... Not only I've set a target and lotsa list to do for my own self... But for Ash too... Being a mother and being in motherhood is not about self-centeredness after all... ain't it? Besides only thinking about what you need to achieved for your own development, we as the mummies out there SHOULD and MUST be thinking and outlined those things that are important to our child development and progress as well... ^_^

I am not saying that I am a perfect mummy all the way down for this past 1 year... however, I try! I try to educate and assist my son so that he knows, he learn and he develop. Holding the title as a mummy is easy, but our actions towards our child's life define what sort of mother we are. I'm not saying as if the other mothers out there are not good or excellent. Every mother is a good mother but in our own way... Am I right? Differ mother differ styles differ approach. But this is what I am as a mother. 

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Lego DUPLO is an unlimited source of creative play for preschoolers (ages 1 1/2 - 5). See our child imagine, create and explore whole new worlds with oversize Lego bricks designed to fit perfectly in small hands. What I see as a mummy... it would stimulate his thinking and creativity in order to help him with his brain cells development. 

I won't give it now to Ash... but planning to expose him somewhere in the early quarter of 2015 itself. My mission is simple, besides watching the tablet or iPad... besides interacting with gadgets most of the time, I don't want my son to miss the joy of play time. ^_^... I want him to be a thinker and I'm still formulating on the best way to create him as an out of the box thinker... Well, I guess thats the challenges that every mothers got to go through... 

And this is one of my plans out of few more that are already in the list and few more to come. May the AlMighty Allah SWT bless and ease my planning and actions for Ash for his benefit and future... In Shaa Allah...Amin...

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  1. kak farah i love this entry tho!!
    hihi sgt lovable mother hehe.

    Jgn lupa bagi ash main kad uno ahahaha.

  2. mesti Ash nnt bijak macam mama dia... Tapi bila bagi lego ni kita kena sabar lebih sebab untuk bulan2 pertama, lego tu dia buat sepah2 je. yang bestnya bila dia dah pandai main, kita boleh join sama... huhu.

  3. Farah, kite pon bagi baby Nabihah main lego yg saiz besar tu start umur die 6 bulan. Suruh die kenal warna dlu... sebab lego kan colourful!

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