A Mummy Traumatic Experience: Nasi Lemak & A Stranger...

Farah Waheda Wahid

This is the portion of Nasi Lemak that I supposed to finish it off this morning while having my breakfast at Pak Hailam Kopitiam with my baby son. However, the portion of Nasi Lemak just left like that. Yeah... like that... 

Why? It is not something bad had happened to Ash. It is with regards something that nearly occured to us. Both. Hurmm... I don't know actually how to put this into words. But to wrap it up, I'm having a trust issues with this one particular lady who suddenly appear and came across our table. 

Drove to TESCO, settled down at Pak Hailam Kopitiam with our orders. Foods beind delivered and we are just about to start our meal. At that point of time it was 9.40 am. Shops still in the midst of opening and less people. 

Suddenly there came this lady in black skirts and pink blouse with pink shawl. Trying to be friendly to Ash without even saying hi to me with our neighbourhood country slangs. She looks like Malaysian though from her slangs, I knew she's not a Malaysian. I'm sorry but I'm not being biased here. That is what actually had happened. 

My heart was telling me something is not right somewhere. My motherly instinct telling me the same. 

Ash, as many knows... those who always hang out with him and me, is the type of clinging baby or toddler that would'nt want anyone else to carry him. But... something awkward and unusual had happened today. He wanted this lady to carry him, he cling to this lady. Oh, before that, this lady just offer to carry him without me offering and without asking me any permissions. 

I stood up, and she was saying... "It's ok, I just bring him into the shop and you could continue with your meal". Inside my heart... Never!!! Over my dead body. Thus, I replied... "It's ok"... without finishing my meal and snatched my baby from her in a way of body language telling her to buck off. 

I took my baby to the car and drove off to the nearby petrol station to "chak" out some money from the atm and had a little chit chat with my friend who is the owner of the petrol station. I told her about the incident. And she told me that, last 2 days there was an incident that 2 1/2 years old girl reported missing at the same area. Gulp, my adrenaline went fast. She said police is monitoring and handling the case closely right now.

As a Mummy, I always had this trust issues towards stranger and I do not simply gives stramgers to hold my baby son except those I knew. People would say it's too much of me to be thinking in that way. But... I don't give a damn on what people are saying. Over protective? Yes! I am! So what? It's better to safe rather than to be sorry. 

That lady who approached us this morning is really "something" and truly I do not trust her at all. Before things get worse, it's better for me to make a move. Pheww... indeed it is a traumatic experience for me as a Mummy as I've read many cases in the social media that similar to this incident. That's why, whenever we went out to somewhere, Ash will always be very near to me and I would not simply let him free or loose to much far apart from me... 

Parents... gentle reminder to my ownself and to all... be close to your child and don't let stranger come near them and trying to be close to them... 

*Ash is not the type of person that "friendly" to stranger... he will cry and cling tightly to me... strange isn't it? When my friend wants to carry him, he reluctant to do so... so? Do you think what I've been thinking? Ain't that lady trying to "pukau" him or what so not of those mystics magics? Allahu... Thank Allah for nothing had happened... Syukran, Allah 

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  1. Ya Allah, seriaunya baca kisah farah ni. Alhamdulillah semuanya dah ok.

    Mmg pun parents kene very2 extra carefull skrg ni. Penculik di mana2 je skrg ni dgn pelbagai taktik.

    Smg Allah sentiasa lindungi kita semua insyaAllah. Aamin.

  2. Alhamdulillah both of you are safe. Good job mummy ...! We must be alert at all times kan.

  3. Alhamdulillah...luckily Ash not the friendly stranger type...thanks for remind us Farah...

  4. bahaya nye zaman sekaranggg.. memang kene selalu hati2 kan...

    thanks for sharing...

  5. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened. True, always trust a mother's instinct and better be safe than sorry.

  6. always always trust our instincts as mothers...sigh...so scary....may we all be protected all the time...Amin...

    Feel free to visit my BLOG .

  7. Takutnya... sebab tu saya risau nak keluar sorang ngan anak. benda2 mcm ni tak leh duga

  8. oh my goodness, something is clearly not right with the situation. I'm also thinking about pukau. I'm glad that you flee. If I were a mother I wont allow strangers to pick up my baby too.

  9. Ya Allah, kecut perut baca cite u ni dear.. huhu.. semoga Allah sentiasa lindungi semua ibu-ibu seperti kita,, Ameen,, :))

  10. Subhanallah....berani betul la....hangin plak baca...dah la anakx k.sal jenis tak takut orang.....kena extravaganza safety k.sal lepas ni...

  11. mmg kak sekarang nie dlm media ada ckp jangan benarkan org asing dukung anak kita ikut suka hati ! BAHAYA! alhamdulillah x de pape jadi. . be carefull sis :)

  12. Allah. alhamdulillah akak dengan ash tak dek apa apa :)
    hati hati kak lepas ni .

  13. Which Tesco?

    The modus operandi sound quite familiar..

  14. Allahuakbar.. beware mommies out there. takut kena pukau je...my friends , her sister baru je kena pukau..habis duit, barang kemas almost 5K..luckily ada cctv kat pizza hut tuu.. tapi lelaki.. x kisah laa laki ke pompuan.. strangers macam ni, kalau mentibe nak pegang anak kite, better tak payah kasi kot..lagi laa u berdua je..

  15. Hmmm kat tempat saya, di Parit Buntar ni hari tu ada kes Van Putih, sampai skang anak2 saya bila nampak je van putih akan mulala bising2 sbb kawan derang yang kena colik depan sekolah masuk dalam van putih ni, sib baik selamat sbb larikan diri.

    Memang kena beringat selalu.

    Tak leh lepa sikit. Bahaya.

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  16. Ya allah...hati2 dik...buat report la since its happend to you..boleh x jangan berdua jer ngan ash..diorang dah target dah tu...

  17. Sram baca... Mujur ash bukan jnis suka kt org... Nauzubillah... Jgn lupa sntiasa baca ayat kursi bila keluar rumah. Dan elak keluar berdua dgn ank ea kak farah...

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