A Moment Of Silence...

Farah Waheda Wahid
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Assalamualaikum and happy Sunday morning!!! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Ngee... ;-). This entry is not a grieving entry about someone death or what not even though the title is A Moment Of Silence ok? It's actually about me and my silence from Bubblynotes yesterday... 

Yup, I was silence, there's no entries flooding on Bubblynotes wall yesterday. Why? Because the laziness dropped by and there's a certain point in your life, in your day, this thing would come by or drop by. Believe it or not... I am lazy to type even a word yesterday and I just feel that I want to relax. 

Shut down the netbook, close the browser on my tablet and just enjoy life chillexing yesterday. Upon few years of blogging, yesterday is the first time that I feel that. Ha ha ha. It seems... it seems like I feel I should rest a while and rejuvenate my mind to stimulate my thinking so that it comes back fresh and Bubblynotes could be lively again. 

Maybe... upon certain point of period of time I need this and maybe I am just too exhausted and tired after the entries marathon I did for the past few years. So? Why not... I just took a day off for my own right? 

It's not for so long... Well, I come back to Bubblynotes lively and fresh today! Yeehaaa... Till then, cheerios peeps... got to go for now... there's so many stories to be told and see ya in the next entries... Daaa for now...

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  1. semoga hari nie diberi kecerian & kesihatan yang baik kepada akak dan sekeluarga 😃

  2. xsalah kalau sekali sekala nak berehat daripada berblog. untuk relaks kan minda ok per.. huhu

  3. the best moment nak update blog ialah masa kita malas... sebab masa tu kita kosongkan masa untuk tidak beraktiviti apa pun... so ambillah kesempatan... update apa pun dan draft saja...

  4. Happy weekend farah.

    Waiting for your next entry. :)

  5. kdg2 perlu juga masa bersendirian...

  6. Hari minggu rasa tak semangat nak update blog...

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