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Farah Waheda Wahid
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Popping out from no where, suddenly flaring this entry in English Language you alls... ^_^... It's been a while since I virtually write in English back then. Today, decided to colour Bubblynotes.Com with one of it... *_^ wink wink...

Life is full of changes...whether it is expected or unexpected isn't it? Ok... imagine this.. you wake up in the morning before the alarm goes off. You're so excited about your day at work that you can't wait to get started. Before you even arrive at the office, you're filled with great plans about what you'll accomplish for the day. You feel energized and creative, ready to hit the ground running.

The work you do engages you on a deep level. It's meaningful and feels authentic - matched perfectly to who you are and what you want to offer the world. You feel passionate about it. The people you work with are equally passionate and engaged. They make your job more fun and interesting. You feel a profound connection with them, as you work toward common goals and achievements.

The joy and energy you feel in your work spills over into your personal life. Because you are so fulfilled professionally, your relationships are happier. You have the energy and desire to recreate your passion through your lifestyle and hobbies. 

Small irritations and life challenges don't seem to affect you so much. You're able to move past them without too much pain or disruption. In short, your life in all regards is fulfilling and happy. Ain't it? And I am looking for all these in my life... Frankly, to be honest at this point of time...I am looking forward for this... ^_^... Been thinking how close is this imaginary scenario to my life right now? Does my work fulfill and engage me? Is my entire life better because I'm doing the work that I love?

My answer is actually NO ... and I've came across an article saying... If I answered YES to all of these questions, I'm in the minority. Jeez... I am not...

From my own personal point of view... as a person we need to establish if it's the place, the job itself and where you are in your life that you hate. Could we be happy doing our job but somewhere else? Or will this job always leave us feeling depressed, undervalued and overworked? If that's the case we really need to think about making a career change now!!! Ngeee... But first what are the signs that it is time for a change? Please carefully consider it and think about it yeah?

Yup, you will have this kind of feelings that you feel lazy to wake up in the morning, drive to the office and step in to the office. You just don't have the heart of going to work anymore...on in sense... you are demoralized...

Step in at 9.00 am in the morning... it seems to long for lunch... it seems to long for the clock to struck 5.00 pm or 6.00 pm...

You're excited for the upcoming bank holiday and weekend... or might be a long weekend... you are really looking forward to it instead of feeling excited about your job... la la la la...

No matter what it is, even a tiny bits of issues or the peeps surroundings you or the environment, you just feel it is so sickening...

Well, at least that's what I could think of for now... and there's more to it actually... From an article HERE ... Wondering if it's time to change career paths? Have a look at the ten signs outlined and it is meant for us to re-think. If any of these seem familiar, find out where your passions lie, retrain and make the change...

1. Your body is telling you enough is enough!
Do you get ‘the Sunday-night dread’? If you do then get out of your job. It’s no coincidence that these Sunday-night-specific anxiety attacks come when they do; your body is telling you it knows what’s going to happen on Monday and it isn’t happy about it. Headaches, tension in your muscles and migraines are all signs from your body that you’re in the wrong career.

  • Always exhausted?
  • Struggling to concentrate?
  • Aching limbs?
2. Your job is impacting on your self-esteem
If you are beginning to doubt yourself and the work that you do, then something dramatic needs to change in your working environment. Staying in a job or career that makes you feel bad about yourself as a person is never going to be worth it, no matter what the pay or perks are. No perk is worth feeling down on yourself for. This can seriously impact on your long-term emotional well-being and makes completing the smallest task seem impossible. A fulfilling career should be a boost to your confidence and self-esteem, not the opposite of that.

  • Not confident in your decision – making?
  • Feel like your suggestions aren’t being taken on board?
  • No opportunity for growth or progession?

3. You’re only there for the money
“Can’t buy me love” someone once sang. And it’s the same when you’re heart’s not in your job. Having enough money to live on and to be content is very important. But earning lots of money in a job that sacrifices your own happiness is not worth the pay-off. Having a career where you feel like you are following your calling and that brings personal and professional satisfaction beats all that money hands down. Material things will never make up for hating your job, because even with those beautiful, designer shoes you’ll still be walking to the same office everyday.

  • You tell yourself you’ll only stay until the January bonus
  • You buy yourself nice things to make up for the pain of having a job you hate
  • You’re envious of friends with less well paid jobs but who have job satisfaction
4. You dream of a different career
If you’re spending your time sitting at your desk, twirling your hair around your finger, Googling jobs, bookmarking interesting companies in your browser and wondering wistfully what it might be like to work from your bed or a friend’s co-working space, then you need to get out of your job and into a career that interests you. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Listen to your heart and make changes to your career to make it happy.

  • You always have a browser open on a jobs listings website
  • You’re often reading about the lives and careers of people you admire to distract yourself from your own job
  • You hate telling people what your job is at an event, wishing you could say something different

5. You’re lacking energy and you’re eternally bored
No one expects to be fascinated at work all day everyday. We all have days when we lack the energy and enthusiasm to be at the top of our game. But this should not be everyday. We may find one particular task an annoyance, but when we find our whole job/organisation/career boring then it’s time for a change. Depleting energy levels can also be a sign that something’s not right and your work variables need a shake-up.

  • You struggle to get out of bed in the morning to go to the office
  • You’re tired all day, find it hard to stay awake in meetings, have nothing to contribute and cannot feign enthusiasm
  • The hands of the clock seem to go round slower with each day that passes
6. You’ve become disconnected from your passions
You feel disconnected from the original reason you started out in your career. Perhaps the creativity that originally enticed you is no longer a part of your job and you spend more time managing accounts or sitting in meetings than creating anything of substance. Getting back to the fundamental reasons why you started out in that career can help you when thinking about changing – are those values still what you would look for in your career or have they altered as you’ve grown older and more experienced?

  • You miss doing the thing that brought you into the industry in the first place
  • You feel like your job is taking away precious time when you could be doing the thing you’re really passionate about
  • You don’t recognise the person you’ve become in this job as it is so far removed from the person you were when you started out
7. You’re jealous of friends’ jobs
Feelings of jealousy towards the jobs, careers or work cultures of friends or family can be a key directional signal that you want to be doing something else, somewhere else. Rather than dismissing jealousy as a bad thing, try to analyze why you might feel that way. Is it the job role you are jealous of or the motivational company culture? Is it the flexibility of their role or the creativity? When thinking about it try to be as honest with yourself as you can: it can be a very practical way of pinpointing exactly where you want to be going with your own career.

  • You’re constantly exclaiming how wonderful your friends’ jobs sound
  • You dream of having the creativity and flexibility your friends have in their careers

8. You’ve become apathetic to change
You may be functioning perfectly well at your job but you lack the desire to bring forward new ideas to your boss or instigate innovation at your company. Perhaps your suggestions have been ignored before or straight-out rejected. Perhaps you work for a company that would rather you just did what you are paid to do rather than suggested improvements in the product or culture. With this kind of management style it’s difficult to stay motivated. If you are bursting with great ideas it’s time to go somewhere that appreciates and embraces them. If that means working for yourself, then do it.

  • You have no interest in the company you work for
  • You’re coasting along, no longer looking for opportunities for promotion or advancement
  • You’re saving all your good ideas for when you’ve got a job you really enjoy with another company / or for your own company.
9. You would leave if you could
Ask yourself the question, if you could leave your job right now (and remain financially secure), would you? If the answer is yes then you need to start working out how you’re going to do that. Find your niche. Not only blog that have niche yeah peeps??? Get excited about a new career. Start thinking about how to build a career or business that is aligned with your passions.

  • Money is the only thing keeping you in your job
  • You’re already saving up for the day you can leave

10. Your friends don’t recognise you anymore
When close friends or family are noticing a marked difference in your attitude or behaviour, that you’re constantly stressed, unhappy and complaining, this can be a sign that your career is not working out for you. They remember you when you were passionate, creative and inspired to go out and achieve and they don’t recognise this person who turns up late for a beer after work with bags under their eyes and stories of a nightmare boss. If the people closest to you can see that your job is taking it’s toll on you and not making you happy, it’s time to take stock and start thinking about the person they used to know and how you can get back to being that person. If that means ditching the job, ditch it.

  • You have less time for family and friends and when you do you’re stressed and unhappy
  • You don’t have the time or energy for the things that used to make you happy
Hurmm... our work is a huge part of our life. When we are unhappy in it, we can't be happy with our life in general. We may need to make financial and lifestyle sacrifices in the short term to change careers, uncover our passion and find work that we love. But the positive impact of feeling in control of our destiny and following our dream will help us overcome these sacrifices. If we think it's time for a career change, then it's probably well past time. Take action now so you won't live with regret.^_*

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  1. Speaking tu..heheh...sentiasa bersedia dengan life kita yang penuh pancaroba ni

  2. if the work stress the hell out of you, then it's time to take a step and leave it behind. We need fun in work, not stress ...kannnn :)

  3. byk panduan checklist yg boleh dirujuk sblm berpindah ke career baru..smg bermnafaat pd mereka2 yg masih teragak2 nk cuba new career..

  4. nice sharing... berpeluh baca entry english ni.. hihi

  5. Kadang2 terpikir jugak nk bhneti keje atau nak tukar kje, tp terpikir adakah tpt baru tu akan buat kte gembira.. jwpnnye belum tentu.. jd sabar jelah.. selagi masih ada rezeki di situ.. tp klu dah tak boleh sabar, angkat je kaki.. tak de spe yg nak halang.. the decision in our hands..

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