Be Confidence In Your Own Beauty!!!

Farah Waheda Wahid
Assalamualaikum and holla peeps!!! Agagagaga... Happy Friday!!! Been quiet for quite sometimes since yesterday evening and now I'm back... LOL... Starting the day with a simple English Chat on Bubblynotes.Com... So please bare with me... Ha ha ha...

Beauty comes in wide variations. There is white beauty, black beauty, Asian beauty, tanned beauty, porcelain beauty...all sorts! All you need to do is recognise YOUR own beauty. Beauty is being comfortable and confidence in your own skin...^_^ Ngee... After all beauty is not about being slender or being fair or either wearing a designer collections ok? Ha ha ha... It's more to it... The best package of beauty is actually beauty on the inside and beauty on the outside...

I'm not the size 1 or 2 or S or XS type of person.... Ok...chill... calm down and don't ever ever feel demoralized... Those concerns with their sizes and think that it affects their personal appearance and worry so much about it... I do really think that you should try listening All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor ... (well you could find this on the YouTube go and search for it and you'll know what I mean...)...

And this is just a ting tong version of me, just to motivate you peeps out there... (it seems...please roll your eye balls then...)

And this is kind sort of a self-reminder on my own... and for you peeps as well cause I do love you alls... *_^...

STOP BANKING ON COMPLIMENTS. You may suddenly feel great about yourself when someone tells you that you look amazing, or when a friend compliments an aspect of your personality. But the compliments will come and the compliments will go, and at the end of the day, your self-worth shouldn't depend on what other people say about you, whether it's good or bad. A compliment can make you feel better, of course, but you should never depend on them. Get used to complimenting yourself instead...but personally not in the public too much yeah!!! No offense of complimenting yourself in the public but make it berpada-pada we called in in Malay... Not to much, not to over... *_^... There's nothing wrong with feeling a little burst of happiness after a compliment, but you just can't let them define you. Instead, work on giving other people compliments when it feels right. Feel good about making other people feel good.

That's it!!! Got to go for now...till then cheerios...

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  1. setuju Farah..
    lagu ni tgh je terus bahu bergoyang sama :)

  2. Farah dah boleh jd pakar motivasi^^

  3. beauty is smile and your smile makes you even more beautiful inside and outside! keep smiling to the world darling ^^

    1. yes I will and will do... keep on smiling no matter what... ^_^...ngee....

  4. 110% agreed dear. That's how we should feel about ourselves...

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