Happy Saturday Morning!!!

Farah Waheda Wahid
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Salam pagi Sabtu peeps!!! Alhamdulillah,  pagi Sabtu yang best sebab hari non-working Saturday for me... Hik hik hik... Al maklumlah, iolss kan kerja alternate Saturdays. Macam ni lah rupa gayanya kalau dapat giliran non-working Saturday. Hurmm, oh Pink Panther, sometimes I just don't see the purpose for us to work on Saturday at the corporate office.... Muahaha... 

Ok lupakan tentang kerja. Chill and blast the day. So what do uolss had planned for today??? Mesti penuh schedule uolsss kann dengan activities and plans??? Iolss so far macam biasa ajer... cuma hari ni dan esok ada kerja yang perlu diselesaikan... of course bukan kerja office-lah uolss... kerja lain... nanti In Shaa Allah, tak lambat cepat iolss cerita ek??? Not now uolss... 

Oklah, enjoy your weekend with your love ones and daaa... Got to go for now... 

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  1. happy saturday farah...wah bestnya alternate saturday...akak pulak takdenya nak alternate...memang tiap2 sabtu kena kerja...emm..aktiviti hari ni?pi wedding kawan la..

  2. part time jadi retis eh kak farah? hikhik

  3. happy weekend! minggu ni kena kerja. 1st week ja dapat cuti hari sabtu.

    selamat ber-enjoy ber-hari sabtu farah ^_^

  4. hari ni dok umah jer.. hari2 pun dok umah jugak. hahahhaa. maybe esok kot berjimbaraya

  5. weekend yang busy dengan jemputan kawin sampai kepenatan tak dapat update blog..huhu

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