7 Polite Ways To Put Pretentious People In Their Place!!!

Farah Waheda Wahid
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Pretentious? Apa maksud pretentious ni???

PRETENTIOUS (Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online) 
Having or showing the unpleasant quality of people who want to be regarded as more impressive, successful, or important than they really are...

Atau dalam bahasa mudahnya, orang yang suka sangat menunjuk2 tentang sesuatu untuk menunjukkan dialah yang hebat, dialah yang bagus, dialah yang terbaik dan dialah yang segalanya... walhal secara hakikatnya...biasa2 ajer... huh... pengsan kalau jumpa orang macam ni... ekekekekeek.... dan ada kalanya akan merimaskan kita dan membuatkan kita rasa semak uolsss.... Uolss pernah dikelilingi ataupun terlibat dengan orang2 yang jenis macam ni tak???

Sometimes, don't you want to just put people in their place??? You can't go around talking smack, of course, it's impolite and immature, but some behaviors simply need to be dealt with. We all have our pet peeves when it comes to the behaviors of others. Ada sampai satu level atau tahap tu, rasa macam...jangan harus aku terserempak atau jumpa dia ni kat mana2...hak hak hak... At this particular moment, we're focusing on pretension. I love intelligent people who are passionate about their opinions as facts and force them onto other people - don't you??? There's a definitive line between debate and pretension. If you have a friend, family member, or coworker who doesn't seem to realize that an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure, then maybe you can benefit a few polite but firm ways to put people in their place. 

Budi bahasa kan amalan kita??? Lainlah kalau memang jenis yang tak ada budi bahasa tu...ahaksss... bila kita dah rimas dan semak dengan seseorang tu... kadang2 kita pun tend jadi kurang ajar jugak dan kurang sopan jugak bila dah sampai level ye tak??? Tapi, how to it in a divalicious way??? Cara yang paling sopan supaya mereka sedarlah hendaknya kannn??? Kalau tak sedar jugak, tu tak tau nak cakap apa, apa pun tak boleh... memang dah sebati dah perangai tu dengan diaorang... atau could we label as desperate attention seeker???

Artikel yang satu ni yang iolss baca menarik uolss... 7 Polite Ways To Put Pretentious People In Their Place 

With any type of bad behavior, you have to ignore it when you want to put people in their place. Anything else is just negative reinforcement, and it will encourage the behavior. With pretentious behavior in particular, the person wants acknowledgment and attention. They crave it. Withholding it is the best way to defeat them. As with any other annoying quirk, once they see they aren't getting the reactions they need, they'll stop – or at least move on to someone else.

There are some things you just can't ignore, however. Your own personality might make it impossible (I'm guilty of this, I admit), but you may also be dealing with a team member or a family member whom you simply can't ignore. In that case, pull out another sharp weapon: indifference. This way you're kind of ignoring the behavior, if not the person, and showing that you're bored by those know-it-all comments and attempts at superiority.

Pretentious people generally need to be right all the time, even when they're not right. To them, their opinions are as good as facts because they're experts in everything. They know more than you, they work harder than you, they're cooler than you – they're superior in every way. Or so they think, of course, but in truth they're rarely superior to anyone. Certainly, you are not inferior, and neither are your opinions. Stand up for them, don't change your mind or get backed into a corner. Moreover, make it a point to say that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and every opinion is valuable to the person expressing it. That should go a long way toward shutting down the pretentious behavior.

Because pretentious people crave attention, they also want you to be impressed with everything they do. As an example, the Better Half works with someone who recently accepted a part time position in a bookstore. This has made her an unequivocal expert in literature, and she has a tendency to bulldoze over and argue with anyone who doesn't automatically agree that every book she loves is the Best Book Ever. Have you experienced a similar behavior? Never act impressed by it. It's not impressive. It's half-assed and harebrained. You don't have to say that, but maintain your cool, cordial indifference and let the perpetrator know you aren't at all impressed.

The person you're dealing with may not realize that their behavior is inappropriate or annoying. Manusia kalau dah perasan bagus sangat ni bukan perasan kekurangan dan kekhilafan diri diaorang, sometimes diaorang akan cakap diaorang sedar, tapi tak sebenarnya. Then again, maybe they know it is and just assume know one will ever call them on it. Call them on it. Don't do it angrily, nastily, or rudely. Take the person aside and let them know how their behavior affects the people around them. Don't do it in front of a group. You might be tempted to embarrass them publicly, but that feeds into the need for attention and validation, plus it gives them the chance to play victim. A quiet chat is better, because it's respectful and allows the person to save face.

You know things too. This is similar to standing up for your opinion, but you also need to assert your authority as a fellow human being with intelligence, knowledge, and expertise. No one should ever try to put anyone else down or make them feel stupid. Don't allow the pretentious person in your life to get away with trying to – and politely but quietly stand up for other targets as well.

Question a pretentious person about their claims and fact-forced opinions, and they'll almost always back down. That's generally because they don't have anything to back up their overblown assertions. Besides that, if you ask why, for example, your friend insists that Pride and Prejudice is a boring, horrible book or why your brother-in-law knows for a fact that your favorite show sucks, they'll both stop short. Questioning the opinions they pass off as factual knowledge throws them off keel and leaves them floundering, simply because they're likely unaccustomed to being questioned.

Well, for me... you don't have to be rude or confrontational to put people in their place. In fact, it's better if you remain tactful and considerate, because this will further emphasize the other person's pretentious behavior. Always remember, as well, that this person may not even realize how they come across to others. In the event that they do, however, shutting down this horrid behavior in a polite, detached way is far and away the best approach. What's your behavior pet peeve? How do you deal with it when someone exhibits it?

*Kadang2 kalau dah over sangat, ada masanya2 kita kena jadi tak polite jugak kann??? Ahakss... sebab ada orang cuma akan stop kalau kena kat batang hidung dia balik apa yang dia buat kat orang lain...kalau jenis yang tak stop jugak tu, maksudnya sama ada dia tak faham bahasa, tak ada kemahiran mendengar dengan baik atau kemahiran membaca dengan baiklah gamaknya tu... nak kena belajar lagi walaupun diri claim dah hebat atau dah cukup bagus... wakakakakaa... Kesian betul... tapi nak buat macam mana ye tak? Kalau memang sifat tu dah menebal dan sebati dalam diri dia??? Apa pun tak boleh??? Buatlah macam mana sekali pun... tetap macam tu jugak... susah deal dengan orang yang macam ni... dan kesian tengok orang yang sungguh2 nak jadi wannabe ni... Hopefully, kita dijauhkanlah dari sifat macam ni, bukan apa, it's making ourselves kelihatan stupid or sounded stupid dan orang pun bosan dan rimas dengan kita sebenarnya, cuma tak nak cakap jer... hu hu hu.... Kita2 semua tak kan weollsss??? *_^   

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  1. I like the tips..Just ignore them, act as nothing impressed ...which I do it sometimes..he.he. Nway Salam hujung minggu Farah...

  2. Pernah Farah.....kadang2 kita terpaksa jadi kurang ajar sedikit untuk sedarkan dorang....ni lah dinamakan orang bodoh sombong. huhu

    Moga kita dijauhkan dari sifat sedemikian.....

  3. rimas dengan orang macam ne...rasa nak baling dengan periuk kat dapur tu jeee....hhahhaa

  4. Susah juga nak analisa orang, sometime bila cakap dengan kawan, u perasan, kawan cakap tak sempat nak notis pulak, jadi kak divert conversation if lucky can escape.

  5. pernah berhadapan...saya akan cuba mengelakkan diri dari berhadapan dengan dia...takut2 jadi macam dia juga...kadang2 bila terpaksa berhadapan, terkeluar juga rasa bengang tu....huhu

  6. ini semua poyo...berlagak jer lebih...kalau ada-ada takper...but is nothing....

  7. pernah Farah..tp buat der jer...tak layan sgt dgn sikapnya tu...

  8. orang bersikap camni kalau dah diri taknak berubah susah juga..malah menyusahkan orang lain jugak..hrp berubahlah..

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