Good Things In Life Come In Small Packages...

Farah Waheda Wahid
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Syukran...good things come in small packages... The best things in life come when least expected! I am not a writer by any means, yet I always have so much on my mind. The world has so much going on. It is hard NOT to be feeling something about such changing times and NOT want to put words to those thoughts. My hope is to find the words, to make sense of it all, to experience life no matter what the obstacles, in a more positive light! Dedicated to remembering the good, what makes one smile and laugh, and to what I found so unexpectedly and love so dearly.

Let's begin with a question as to 'What Will Make You Happy?'. As you think of all kinds of big things and achievements that will bring the ever illusive happiness to you, here's another question, 'what makes you happy during the day?'. The difference between the 1st and the 2nd question and their answers are:

1. The images that shall pop-up in your mind as you think about all the happy things that happened during the day will be all simple, achievable or attainable. And that's precisely the difference between what you think will make you and what actually makes you happy on a day to day basis. Not that our long term and harder goals will not fetch us any happiness but the fact is they are 'long term goals' which means it will take a long time to realize, and until those big moments happen, we cannot and should not sit glum ignoring or being oblivious to the simple joys of life. 

2. Things that we wish for in pursuit of happiness such as our career and personal graph going upwards, possessing expensive assets etc - they all contribute to making us feel accomplished and makes us feel more positive and confident rather than 'happy' in terms of happiness as we know it. If you have observed, when big positive things happen in our lives, we are so overwhelmed; most of us even lose touch with our emotional self. We are just aware that something really great has happened and everything else get hazy.

3. Reading morning paper, chatting with the family over tea, meeting friendly colleagues, doing an official assignment successfully, funny bits that happen during the day, coffee breaks, stopping by on our way back home to buy things and so on, it is these little things that make us happy and the great thing is that we can actually feel the happiness and not just believe that we must be happy. This great freedom to know that you are happy when you are happy is precious. 

4. Big achievements are far and few and even fickle, whereas small happiness are spread along the day, it is these moments of joy that conserves our strength and will to go on.

Instead of endlessly waiting for something path-breaking to happen to give us happiness, let's begin to value and enjoy the little moments of joy that makes our day and even our lives a success.

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  1. I like to eat sweet little make me very hepi..hehe..Hehe..try tlis2 omputih..:D

  2. Its hard to achieve personal achievement...kena gigih dan pcya pada diri sendiri...semoga allah memberi kekuatan...amin....

  3. what make me happy? doing things that i love and enjoy to do :)

  4. what make me happy? bila saya boleh makan makanan feberet bersama orang yg tersayang...hahaha...

  5. nice info & interested bila baca.....

  6. nice entry...kebahagian yg kita cari cari......

  7. emmm.... bila dapat enjoy dengan life kita sefamily tanpa gangguan... boleh gitu Farah...hehe

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