1st Impression Is NOT The Last Impression

Farah Waheda Wahid
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How often do we judge someone in just the 1st meeting? I strongly believe that first impression has a biggest impact about a person or any other thing on human beings. How often has it happened to you that you met a person for the 1st time and you make an impression about him/her in your mind? I would say, it happens every time. The behavior of the person in the 1st meeting is the 1st step which generally decides how we would treat the person whenever we meet him or her the next time. There is a lot to do with the 1st impression. For an author he can be sought after author only when his 1st publication gets accepted and meets or exceeds the reader's expectations. For a film actor or director, it's the 1st film they work in creates an impression in the viewer's mind. For a player it's his 1st performance that can help a great deal to his chances of making it in to the team. For a jobseeker, it's his 1st impression during the interview that would help him get the job. For a cricket batsman, it's the 1st ball that he receives from the bowler which decides how he is going to treat the bowler.

So, there are a lot of 1st in life which are really very important to create a lasting impression. However, 1st impression should never be treated as the last impression. "Don't judge a book by it's cover"... I am sure we often hear that sentence from people around us, whether from our friends, colleagues or maybe just someone that we accidentally hurt. It's a common way to say that we should not judge or define if someone is good or bad just from their look or appearance. For me, specifically, that also cover the 1st impression I got when I met them. The way they talk, or their gesture when they respond to my words could give me an idea how their characters are. What I did realize though, it is not as easy as I though to do that.

For instance, I had a colleague in my previous company who looked like a smart and nice enough guy to work with. The conclusion was drawn from my initial interactions with him. However, in reality, he was the worst internal customer I ever had. People could say that either he had a really different style in managing work and private life, or it was just me who suck at judging people. Maybe they are right either for the 1st or 2nd reason, or maybe even both. 1 thing for sure, the 1st impression of that person made me judged or defined his character and features that I thought he will have. But as you can see, it is not always right. Another way to say how complex a person is to be understood.

Of course, that doesn't mean that we couldn't determine one's character at all from 1st impression we got. Some good friends of mine are good examples of those who left nice and comforting impression that made me wanted to connect with. Some are even nicer than I thought, and I feel grateful to have them as my friends and or colleagues. What we need to remember that 1st impression could not give you accurately information of people you have just met. By continuously connecting and interacting then you will find out fully who they are.

Just remember, if you meet someone who already looks suspicious and makes you uncomfortable to talk with in the 1st place, well, you know that you don't need to wait to interact with them to know if they are good or bad.

Last but not least, jangan tertipu dengan physical appearance someone dengan mudah, jangan terpedaya dengan kata2 seseorang dengan mudah...kenal, selami and analyse dulu behavior dia... dari cara dia membawa diri dia, dari cara dia bercakap or communicate...kadang2 yang terlihat dengan mata kasar tu x sama dengan realiti. *_^

Sometimes, orang ni nampak jer manis di luar, nampak innocent, nampak jer macam sangat2 baik, tapi realiti...hati dia sangat hitam dan busuk. Dan sometimes, orang ni kelihatan macam garang, sombong, macam jahat, biyatch or slut...tapi sebenarnya dia bukan seperti yang kita jangkakan or fikirkan. Jangkaan kita tu memang meleset 120%... Ha macam mana tu? x ke x pasal2 dah buat dosa bila kalau2lah kita ada say something about that person, tuduh itu tuduh ini...cakap itu, cakap ini, jaja cerita itu, jaja cerita ini...tapi yang sebenarnya? realiti? orang tu x seperti yang kita nak dia jadi or fikirkan pun...kwang kwang kwang... free2 orang tu dapat pahala dan kita dapat dosa sebab dok sibuk jaja fitnah...

If x suka sekali pun pada seseorang, diam aje... perhatikan aje...biar dia hidup dengan hidup dia dan kita dengan hidup kita, kan lebih mudah macam tu, x payahlah volunteer nak semakkan pemikiran kita dengan perkara2 yang x berfaedah, sudahnya diri kita sendiri yang rasa semak dan segala bagai...Betterhalf saya berkali2 berpesan pada saya...kita buat hal kita aje, toksah nak sibuk fikir orang tu macam mana, orang ni macam mana...hidup takkan aman dan tenang kalau selama2nya macam tu...

Tak dinafikan 1st impressions tu penting untuk sesetengah perkara, tapi dalam menilai 1st impression ni, kita kenalah bijak, jangan menilai dan menjatuhkan conclusion yang x bertempat serta x tepat...^_^

If everyone is judge only on the basis of 1st impression and there would have been no 2nd or 3rd chances of improvement, we would have never seen such individual brilliances. So on a closing note; I would like to repeat that 1st impression is NOT the last impression. We should give it enough chances before we can get completely convinced about the impression of a person or anything else in life... *_^ wink...

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  1. 1st impression sebenarnya penting..
    lg satu fiza pegang “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”― Mother Teresa

  2. Yeahh. Often we hear or say "I thought he/she is..". Hmm...

  3. betul sangat, suka buat andaian untuk 1st impression, dalam teory interpersonal ada theory onion slide , mean itu adalah process pengenalan dari pandangan pertama kita , be close area

  4. mmg 1 impression tu pntg, tapi mmg x boleh judge orang 100% kan masa tu, it's take time sometime !

  5. 1st impression ayut slalu akan tgk jer..tak komen pape..nk ckp pon dlm hati jer..hihihi.tp mmg tu la jgk.tak semestinya sampai ke sudah tanggapan kita akan sama ^^

  6. Wink.....hehe setuju manusia nikan boleh menjelma dgn pelbagai character walau pun 1st impression nmpk memberangsangkan hehe...

  7. hehe tu la jgn berprasangka buruk terhadap org lain...pepatah melayu ckp tak kenal maka tak cinta...

  8. setuju! sebab kadang2 we just met them in the wrong place and the wrong time.. lepas kenal baru tau 1st impression kita betul atau tak pasal orang tu :D

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