I'm Just Ordinary...

Farah Waheda Wahid
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A wise person told me once, be grateful even over the smallest thing in our life, and we'll feel blessed. If we're not, even billion dollars will not satisfy us.

I'm just an ordinary person, ordinary woman who lives my life the way the other ordinary women do. I wake up early in the morning, take my breakfast, go to work, do my job, have a little chit chat with my colleagues, spend time for chillexing with my cliques and go back home. I watch TV or turn on lappy and update my blog, spend little time with my family and I got to sleep. I rarely loaf around anywhere with anyone besides few selected people. Sounds boring isn't it? But that's the way I live my life.

Bila weekend pulak, biasalah, filled up dengan house chores. Cleaning, cooking and in the evening, check my FB, Twitter, blog, keluar jalan2... 

Some people say, if you earn big salary you'll be happy and you can buy anything you want in this world. Well for me, money isn't everything. I'm still wearing the same attire I wore when I start working 9 years back (erks...x jugak kot...ekekeke...dengan keadaan fizikal yang semakin berubah disebabkan anak mummy dalam tummy ni...mestilah ada baju baru kan?). Tapau makanan dari rumah and wash my car on my own (if ada masa lah...wakakakaka).

What else?

I live my life moderately, and I love it. I get almost everything I want in life... almost ek almost... not all... masih ada lagi yang saya nak tapi belum termakbul...tak apa... Allah lebih Mengetahui yang mana baik dan buruk untuk saya... and I even get the things I never imagine I could get. Alhamdulillah. I'm glad. I wake up every morning to find my family is still around, the person that I love still in my heart and with me... biarpun dah beberapa tahun berlalu... Still there, alive and love me. I'm thankful that even though I don't earn voluptous amount of salary (gaji 5 angka...ekekekke), I'm not even jobless. I'm happy I have good people who are always by my side, and a person who accept and loves me the way I am.

Some people, they have everything in their lives but yet, they still want more and more and ada juga yang jadi semakin hari semakin tamak dan pentingkan diri sendiri. Tell me, what are we chasing in life? Life is Allah's gift and it's short, so live it well. Don't regret for not spending your time doing the things you should do after you have missed it. Be thankful. *_^

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  1. k lily pun sama gak, still the same je..

  2. betul tu
    org yg ada mcm2 lagi byk pagainya lagi meminta2..dah x puas apa yg ada...

  3. kadang2 terfikir jugak tentang beberapa perkara yang tak dapat dikecapi lagi.. tapi, cepat2 buan jauh2.. perlu bersyukur dengan apa yang kita kecapi, kan :)

  4. Agree...sgt2 agree...duduk satu sudut..fikirkan..muhasabah diri...

  5. betul tuh kak farah..
    syukur setiap apa yg dikurniakan pasti diri akan berasa cukup..

    Alhamdulillah..rezeki dan ujian diterima dengan redha walaupon kekadang hati x kuat..:')

  6. indeed kak...tp kadang2 bila tak berduit tu yg menguji kita...tp biar takde duit drpd ada duit,jd sombong

  7. same here. boring life. rase nak quit my job and buat bisnes yang kite minat then jadi lady boss. boleh masak suke hati. pakai ape suke hati. tido suke hati. bangun suke hati. hehe

    tapi apa yang kite ade skrng ni , kite patut bersyukur kan ;)

  8. yer..kita memang patut bersyukur dgn apa yang ada..tapi tak salah kalau kita berusaha utk generasi kita bukan utk diri sendiri..

  9. kita lebih happy bila kita syukur n terima seadanya kan kak :)

  10. biar segalanya sederhana......

  11. Yes..i'm an ordinary person too...simple juga itu style deqla...janji kite hepi kan farah... ;-)

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