Burfday Bash Wishes for Blogger Suria Amanda

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google
It's 6th June 2013 and... a happy birthday to blogger Suria Amanda / +Amanda Suria ... Happy birthday sis, semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, diberikan kesihatan tubuh badan, kejayaan serta kebahagiaan di dunia juga akhirat... In Shaa Allah...Amin... 

Each year our birthday forces us to grow
Into the person whom we have yet to know
With circumstances that hopefully have made us wise
When we learn from our multitude of mistakes and tries

To take a long look at these years gone past
To really reflect on how time travels fast
To know that every day that each of us lives
Is a great gift from Allah that Allah lovingly gives

So as you celebrate another passing year again
On this day that marks the beginning of the moment when
You entered this world for a purposeful plan
Just remember your worth doesn't come from man

Your worth comes from our Creator who made you unique
Who gave you knowledge and words to speak
Who doesn't care about a past success or failure
But only cares about your heart that Allah presence makes pure

False paths, lost dreams, wrong choices, it's true
Fills your past as well as everyone else's too
There may be those lost memories that hinder your day
But with Allah in your mind the regrets soon melt away

Cherish this day and who you're becoming to be
This special person that all of us already see
Embrace this coming year and live each day anew
By becoming the excellent one Allah created in you

Happy Birthday!

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  1. yela.. harini besday along..hihi...happy besday along... =)

  2. happy birthday jugak untuk dia :D

  3. kenal akak ni...

    happy besdayy akak...

  4. wah happy birthday untk beliau..:)

  5. wahhhh bestnyaa dpt wish dari kawan blogger kannnn

    eppy bday juga buat amanda suria !

  6. mn aci ritu besday k.el xde pun wish cam ni hahahahahah wekkkkkkk

  7. wahhh~ happy bessdaaay untuk dia .. hee ^^

  8. kena wish dier jugalah ni hehehe

  9. happy birthday kepada beliau... :)

  10. hb gak rasanya same with Ayujean...

  11. happy belated birthday sis! sama dengan besday kak AJ :)

  12. Rasanya dah wish kat Blog dia....seangka lagi meningkat umurkan....tak pe muda lagi!

  13. Dear all thanks for all the lovely wishes...terharunya...special thanks to my lovely adik sayang..really appreciated. .sebak and terharu ni...

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