The Trying Too Hard Syndrome

Farah Waheda Wahid
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From my experiences, I've met sets of homo-sapiens that were hiding behind fake facades to impress the rest of the food chain.

Everytime I observed fakes, questions always revolve -- are they really like this at home? (sibuk jer kan nak tau...ekekekeke). Does their family know that they have a faker in the house? What would their family think if they found out that one of their family member is a "trying-hard-to-fit-in" being? Most of all, why can't they be normal selves? Geez Louise, what's wrong with being yourself? 

I hate fakes (pirated dvds are an exception, aight? ekekekekeke...just joking)... And I can come up with one whole damned volume of entries thrashing the kind of fakes or desperate "fit-ins", expressing how they resemble nails dragging down chalkboards. Even Freddy Krueger doesn't give me shivers that intense... Erks... siapa Freddy Krueger tu? Jeng jeng jeng... untuk siapa2 yang pernah tengok movie A Nightmare on Elm Street tau ler...kalau x tau, boleh gi consult dengan akak Google kita... akak x bley nak paste kat entry ni...wakakaka...mama ai pesan kalau tengah preggy jangan tengok rupa pelik2... ikut jer lah pantang larang dan pesanan orang tua...kan berkat? *_^ 

Now, I'm not pointing this out to anyone in particular. I just tend to bottle up my feelings and  when shaken up right, I just fizz & explode in general. And since I don't burst into homicidal rages anymore, I'm letting my thoughts stream into electronic words...ekekeke...

Firstly, I despise fake accents that are to obvioulsy faked. Even in movies. I can't stand people faking an accent...e.g Bridget Jones' Diary & a few Malay movies. I forgive Bridget Jones' tho, due the fact is it IS meant to be in an English setting but the local movies? Plain pathetic occay? You can tell they're trying really hard to sound like some professional. Haiyaaa.... 

"Oooh yeah, I speak English, see? And I know words. Impressed already?"

Prfttt... oh I would be impressed if your grammar wasn't haywire and the boombastic words you used weren't pronounced that weirdly. OMG, did I just say that? Sorry, I'm not saying, I'm so good in English...hell no...  It's just a means of communication and hey, it's not that I'm trying so hard to sound like a pro speaker by putting in fake pronunciations, slurs & intonations. This is how I speak at home, this is how I speak with the rest of the population (human population of course. I speak Cat with felines. Ha ha). Because I know even if I try to "impress" people with my fake "almost-sounding-like-English" speaking, there'll be a time where everything slips off mode and really stupid pronunciation bloopers surface -- onekey element in detecting fakes. They slip off their usual fake accent and start to sound really funny. I've been through this, hell yeah. And I seem to catch myself amidst the urge to raise an eyebrow in disgust surprise and the tendency to laugh out loud so hard, there'd be only one side left at the end of it. So, for those who're caught in this disease, get a grip. Your lame "accent" ain't impressing anyone. Not me at least.

Secondly, guys who try really hard to make a face for themselves by proving they're perverts. What the fish guys??? You think by whistling, winking your heinous beady eyes, blurting out incredibly plebeian phrase like, "larilah cik adik, jangan jalan saja" at girls who happen to pass by you, you'll get the fish into the net? OMG... Haven't you heard of human sense??? What are you caught in a time jam? It's 2013, for god sake! Being perverts don't get you anywhere with girls. Sigh. Unless you're in Idiotsville then maybe you can get away with a few stakes, but then again, who can stand you attitude? So passe! and when I say this, it's not just my personal view but the perspectives of the whole female community - perverts like yourselves don't deserves to be in human form. I suggest it's either you can grow up or take a hike. Or even better, become a tree. At least you can help with the globe's environmental issues instead of wasting more land and air space.

Lastly, people who try hard to fit into popular/cool groups despite being the total Yang of the group's Yin. Dammit man. Even rats know hamsters aren't their kind. There's nothing wrong with making friends. Heck, it's perfectly noble. But please be sincere with it. You befriend a person because of who the person is, how he/she relates to you, how the person can be there for you at times of shit and how well the relationship can be maintained when things go fray. You don't befriend a person because you wanna be cool. You befriend a person because you wanna belong.

It saddens me to see someone desperately trying to fit into a puzzle when every edge & colour of him/her just screams "NO FIT". Even sadder, when the group look so bloody obvious they want him/her out. I understand it's freaking hard to find someone who really understands & clicks with you (trust me, it took me years to know someone familiar to me), but please don't make it look so obvious you're desperate because in the your intention to be cool turns you cold. Be natural. Only then a person can judge you as who you really are. The last thing you want happening is getting misjudged by who you're not.

All in all, nevertheless the cliche of this all, I just gotta say "Be yourself". If you wanna impress anyone with whatever mojo you have in your pocket, just ensure the person's not me...unless you're a natural (I like naturals ^_^)


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  1. aiyakkkkk..omputeh semua..gudnite :)

  2. Yes yes yes. Well said!! Sometimes I simply turn off the television when the local actors start speaking funny English. OME. Haha.. And the perverts. Ah, I hate this people. So much! I find it disrespectful tho. Some people at the cafeteria even say "Bg phone number, nanti air ni free". Ehh, they're treating us like some cheap girls yknow. And that last one, it never happened to me. Or not yet? Idk, minta2 dijauhkan. Hahaha. But yep, some people gotta be themselves and stop the c&p work. Haha.

  3. semangat sangat ler tu smpai ckp omputeh...xper lah... :) hehe

  4. i love fakers.they are fun to watch!hahah.and, i do hate when people try to speak english very 'datin' know, mixing english with malay and makes it seems impressive with a very 'gedik' manner?hahah.

  5. eerrrrr......tak tahu nak cakap macamane..hahaha =.="

  6. Mak oi. .speaking london entry ni..masak nk baca ..haha...

  7. Maklum le ex Convent Bukit Nenas student mmg cenggitu....rasa gatal lidah nak cakap omputih hehe....Tapi Okje ok jerrr...boleh le asah kepala otak yang dah lama tak membaca...
    Farahhhh.... berbelit kepala otak OKje pagi pagi ni hehe

  8. tgh cuba bayangkan apa kaitan antara fake accents dgn geng2 ngurat awek kat tepi jalan tu....kehkehkeh....

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