The A to Z of Happiness...

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google
Acting on your dreams
Building bridges not walls
Common sense and moderation
Dispostion not circumstance
Embracing optimism
Feeling what you do matters
Giving more than receiving
Having good friends
Inside you, not 'out there'
Job well done
Knowing when to let go
Living within your means
Making the world a better place
Not going to bed angry
Optional, and so is misery
Progress, not in perfection
Quality of your thoughts
Realistic expectations
Sharing love and laughter
Today well lived
Unbrideled enthusiasm
Vintage memories
Whatever makes your heart sing
eXuberance for your existence
Your chance, if not now when?
Zzzzz...A good night's sleep

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  1. wahh... sape la yg create ni eh..? bijak sungguh kan... yg last sekali tu best... zzzzzzz... hahahhaha... ;p

  2. wow ..acik pon tak pernah terfikir mcm gini :) .hebat sungguh ..tabik spring :)

  3. mmg kreatif orang yang buat ni,,, :D

  4. comel & pandai la siapa yang buat ayat mcam tu. heee!

  5. comel & pandai la org yg buat ayat ayat mcm nii

  6. Salam Farah..maaf tau kak intan abru singgah..slow datang ke setiap rumah..:))


  8. Good sharing k.farah...hidup kita harus seperti A-Z..tpi paling mudah nk capai adalah yg Z tuh..hehehe

  9. woah bagus n kreatif ni.. tapi X la yg lawak, ada pulak E kat sebelah dia.. hehe..

  10. awesome gila A to Z :D

  11. Kena betul dengan Z... huruf akhir.... dan tidur hehe

  12. haha yg X tu tak valid...hihi

    apa2 pun suka yg realistic expectation tu...

  13. hahahaa...apalagi...sambung tido pelok alia la gini...

  14. menarik :-) a to z... ok jom zzzzz...

  15. A to Z...pelengkap kehidupan.....

  16. saya lompat2. kejap A, C, pergi ke Z pastu K, macam2 warna =) hehehe

  17. cik nor suka yng z..ZZZZ..haha

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