Merlin Season 6... Apakah Mungkin?

Farah Waheda Wahid

Wah giteww... ekekeke... para peminat tegar siri Merlin mesti teruja bila tengok Season 6 Trailer ni kan? Dikatakan bahawa Merlin Season 5 adalah Season Finale... Apakah mungkin akan ada Merlin Season 6? And I believe uols yang merupakan peminat2 tegar Merlin... mesti nak siri ni disambung semula kan? Moh kita lihat apa kata beberapa laman web yang menyiarkan updates tentang Merlin Season 6 ni... 

Dari laman web Merlin's Myth & Magic -- the biggest Merlin fan page on net...

Good News for Season 6 Merlin!

Unfortunately on 26/11/2012, BBC announced that Merlin Season 5 will be the final season. There will be no further movies or spin offs of the TV series with the known cast. Shine and BBC have let us known they had wanted to continue, but neither the cast nor the producers were up for another season. They decided to stick to their 5 year plan and finish the series with a final 2 episodes airing on 22nd and 24th December 2012.

According to Claude Albouze, Production Director of Merlin in France: "There will certainly be a S6 of Merlin, it's just a matter of negotiations because the first contract was signed for a period of five years and has to be renewed, he assures that both BBC and Shine absolutely want a S6 of Merlin, they want it desperately, they both want to continue the adventure". They are just like us guys, they want S6!

Dari laman web Spoiler TV

Merlin - The BBC and Shine Want a Season 6

This is actually a few weeks old, but as far as I'm aware this is the first time that we have confirmation from someone in the Merlin camp that Season 6 is undergoing definite negotiations behind the scenes. My guess is  
that they will go the movies route if the cast don't want to sign up for another year.

Dari laman web Release Date

<<Merlin>> Season 6 Release Date

The first rumors on the continuation of Merlin TV series appeared during the broadcast of the fifth season. Famous British Internet resource DigitalSpy interviewed the 2 creators of the given story:  Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. One of the questions sounded as follows: Is the TV series possible to be continued after the fift season? Should the fans wait for Merlin Season 6? The release date for the sixth season, awaited by the fans, wasn't officially announced, but the creators noted that everything depended on the fans or rather on their amount According to Johnny Capps, if Merlin show doesn't loose its popularity, it will be continued.

The audience was satisfied until everything changed and broadcasting TV Company told the truth. That happened in November, 2012.

The official statement of BBC One says that Season 6 won't be produced and the final episode aired on December 24 will be the final one. The creators thanked the audience for its dedication and interest to the show and also promised to produce the new story, which would not be worse than Merlin show. The fans aren't satisfied with such an answer, sind the story is supposed to be continued, isn't it? 

From the first 2... katanya seolah2 masih dalam proses negotiation disebabkan issue contract... But from the last bit, katanya they won't produced... he he he... tapi gerak hati ni, bila mendengarkan cerita dari my betterhalf yang minat sangat Merlin ni dan juga playback on the last episode on the net yang saya tonton... dari ending pedang yang muncul dari air tu... seolah2 will return...ekekekeke... 

Itu instinct jer la...nak cakap or predict lebih2 x berani...wakakakaka... nanti salah information pulak... Tapi untuk peminat2 tegar... nantikan ajerlah sama ada, ada atau tak... ekekekeke... (my mind keeps telling me...yeah..there will be... tapi x confident)... kadang2 diaorang ni tau yang production diaorang cam pisang goreng selling... dan demand by all... and they will analyse the demand and see how badly the market needed them... just to ensure yang diaorang takkan rugi kalau produce or continue lagi... but then again sometime it's true...they just want to end it... ekekekeke... See how lah kan? Kot2 terkeluar version filem pulak macam Harry Porter sequel and others... 

*Since I don't really follow Merlin... once a while jer... erkss... ker Season 6 memang dah play kat tv? Ai jer x tau? Wakakakaka...tapi sepengetahuan ai tak lagi la kan? Al-maklumlah... kalau Glee, Gossip Girls, Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives tu mungkinlah ai follow dan tau...tapi Merlin...kalau stumbled upon jer ai tengok...he he he... 

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  15. Hopefully ade season 6..and I sure mmg ade season 6..

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