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Farah Waheda Wahid
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Tulun! Tulun! This is a call for help.... He he he...

Ada x siapa2 yang kat luar sana, kat mana2 tau the proper procedure for slipping away from people who simply don't know when to shut up? 

Accordingly to the DICTIONARY... long winded describes someone who talks on and on, often to the point of becoming boring. Long winded can also describe the extended talking or stories that are being told. (adjective)

1. An example of a long winded person is someone who goes through every single detail of his/her day when asked how he/she is feeling.

2. An example of a long winded story is one that lasts on and on after people have stopped being interested.

We all have been in this situation before, am sure. A casual conversation is started between you and another. At first, it's commonly known as "chit chat". A pleasant conversation between two adults in which the topics range from weather, politics, current events, etc. 

At some point, whether it's due to time restraints or wutever, you realize it's time to leave. However, there is no point in which it's considered "proper" to end the talk and go about your separate ways due to the fact that the other conversationilist has not understood the fact...the fact that you want to go. Dalam perkataan lain, they go and on and on and on...and you just want to walk away... 

Cuba imagine the feeling that you're talking to someone and he or she just goes on and on and on...yada yada yada...blah blah blah... Ekekekeke... Betol tak, you really don't know how to end the conversation gracefully...Hurm...cam ner ek nak end long-winded conversations? 

Of course-lah kan, you want to end long-winded conversations in a polite way. This is a standard etiquette, and it is the means by which the wheels of human relations are oiled. Knowing how to end long-winded conversations just any old way just won't do. Shy people often have more trouble knowing how to end conversations gracefully... OMG...

Dan of courselah, it is best if kita boleh dengar such a person yourself to grasp the way he/she does this, but let me try to convey it to you as best as I could...lols...

After engaging in polite conversation for a while, she/he would "wind down" the conversation a bit. Just a matter of tying up loose ends. Of course, during the conversation she/he smiled a lot and made good eye contact. 

Now here are the MAGIC WORDS...she/he used to end the conversation: "Occay, well great!"

It sounds simple, doesn't it, but grasp the subtle psychology here! 

"Occay, well great!" convey the following message: "We have now got all the 'loose ends' tied up. We can now conclude this conversation!"

"Occay, well great!" (That takes care of that! We have now got the whole thing settled.)

Of course lah (berapa banyak of course dah nih...hu hu hu), cara kita cakap tu has a great deal to do with it, as well as timing kita. However, this phrase is a one of the good way to know how to end a long-winded conversations. It ends the conversation on a positive note.

Another good way to end the conversation, if the above doesn't work, is "I've got to get back to work now, but it was great talking to you."

Use the other person's name in closing the conversation. This will help add a note of finality to the conversation and will also help impress his or her name into your memory.

Tapi, cakap memanglah senang kan cam mana nak end up long winded talkers nih... dari experience sendiri... (hu hu hu selamat dah sekarang tetiap bulan dah tak yah nak layan long winded phone call dari Aunty Carol whenever bills issued...kalau tak jenuh jugak nak melayan dia... he he he...) Masalahnya...long winded talkers ni...tend to talk sampai tak bagi ruang kita nak cakap apa pun...

Honestly, bukan nak jadi rude pun kan? Cuma, especially kalau phone call yang kita terima dan watkan telinga kita panas disebabkan isu-isu yang berulang-ulang yang kita pun tak ley nak bagi keputusan ape or cakap apa...sebab dah memang facts cenggitu dan tak bley nak diubah...pas tu pulak telinga jadi panas sebab pegang phone lama sangat and that person doesn't want to let you go... One of the tactics yang saya selalu gunakan kat Aunty Carol nih... saya inform dia saya ada meeting ... he he he... memanglah tak baik...tapi if you were in my shoes then only you know how does it feel... 

Kalau long-winded kat phone senang sikit nak cut off... in reality...tapi kalau long winded personally face to face... memang kena ada semangat yang kental dan keberanian yang extra sikit... he he he...kalau x ...x dapek la den nak nolongnyo... memang stuck ler kat situ sampai long winded talkers tu habis bercakap...

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  1. Hahahhahahah...
    I noe how does it feels.....
    Kat ofis AJ ni ada sorang macam tu.....
    Duk ulang same story again and again and again.......

  2. bla baca yang last bru paham..:)

  3. haha..kadang2 Yaya bg alasan ada kerja ke, nak rushing ke..huhu..terpaksa..

  4. Hehe.. Kebas telinga kan.. Kena bijak cari alasan ni...

  5. saya akan try ignore..kinda rude but sometimes its works.hehehe.
    Bila org tu faham, baru rasa lega..heheh

  6. mmg prob jugak kalau berbual dgn org camni...hehe...cara biasa buat2 tgk jam setiap 5 saat....kalau tgh lepak minum, teguk air 1 shot terus....dgn harapan org yg membebel tu boleh perasan la kita nak blah dari situ....haha

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