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We have all heard it over and over again: that time flies. But it's still odd to think that we were once kids who were on playgrounds and could one day be watching our own kids as they swing. And sometimes I think about how crazy it is how much my future children won't know about my life before them.

Don't you ever wonder what your mom or dad was like when they were younger? Sometimes it's almost impossible to imagine them at our age - to imagine them dealing with problems that we face or having feelings that mirror our own. It's easy to forget that our parent had to take the path in growing up where they face problems and felt misunderstood and lost. 

And it makes me wonder, how my kids will see me one day. Sure they will hear the stories and may even find those blogs I had that stood the test of time - but they will never know all the secrets that were kept, all the drama we faced, all the sadness that consumed us, and all the people who defined us. I wonder if they might one day feel misunderstood; a feeling most kids know all to well. It's weird to think our parents had to deal with finding their way in life love and themselves - just like we are - and just like how our kids will one day.

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  1. Masa memang cepat berlalukan Farah....
    Macam Okje sendiri....jarang tanya macamana mereka zaman childhood sebab mesti 'menyedihkan punya'... dengan api air tak de..dan mungkin mereka dah lupa kot .. so fikir sekarang yg happy2 aje

  2. morning farah..nti ciksu singgah ye.tak sihat la pulak

  3. morning farah..nti ciksu singgah ye.tak sihat la pulak

  4. sal tu kalo nak bina keluarga need to bersedia to take all the responsibily.. be yakin.. jgn kahwin psl nafsu.

    enjoy ur weekend kak farah :)

    jom terjah:

  5. Kena ada ilmu rumah tangga untuk membina keluarga :)

  6. mmg betul jugak tu...kdg2 terpikir jugak camne la mak bapak kita masa muda2....tapi setengah benda biarlah kekal menjadi rahsia...hehe

  7. kena belajar ilmu rumah tangga lebih skit lepas nie..dulu masa PMR dah belajar ekonomi rumah tangga..rasanya nak advance lg ambil sains rumah tangga plak..hehe..:-)

  8. parents harta paling berharga kita dalam dunia ni

    - Admins Blog 3 Dalam 1

  9. Mak abah rajin jugak cerita masa diorang kecik2 dulu dan masa kahwin pun diorang masih hidup susah.. sekadar beri kesedaran buat anak2 dia yang kadang2 takut nak masuk toilet padahal toilet bukan macam zaman dulu ada kat luar rumah.. :D

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