A Pious & Intelligent Woman

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google
Once there was a great alim (Scholar) and abid (Wise). He loved his wife very much. Co-incidentally, she passed away. This person was so grieved by this that he locked his door and abstained from meeting and conversing with people.

A woman from the Banu Israil heard about this so she went to him. She informed those who were guarding the entrance to his house that she wants to ask him a mas'ala (Question) and that it can only be asked directly to him. Saying this, she sat down stubbornly by the door. 

The person was informed of this and eventually permitted her to enter. She said: "I want to ask you a mas'ala.". He replied: "Go ahead." She said: "I have a neighbour from whom I borrowed some jewellery. I am wearing it for quite some time now. Thereafter she sent a person asking for her jewellery.

The question I waant to ask you is that do I have to give it back to her?" The alim replied: "Yes, you have to give it back to her." The woman replied: "That jewellery was with me for a very long time. How can I give it?"

The alim replied: "In such a case, you should give it even more happily because it was out of her kindness that she allowed you to use it for such a long time."

When he said this, the woman replied: "May Allah have mercy on you? Why, then, are you so sad? Allah had loaned you something and when He wished, He took it back. (Because) it belongs to Him." Upon hearing this, the alim realized his mistake and benefited tremendously this conversation.

Lesson : Look at how this woman put some sense into this man who was a great 'alim. O women! You should also bear this in mind, when you have encounter any difficulty or calamity. You should also explain this to others! 

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  1. wow..i love this entry..maksud tersirat dan tesurat sgt2 indeed..touching pun yer gak..

  2. Nice sharing my lovely sis.. :') Hope we can be a good and pious muslimah..In Shaa Allah..

  3. Nice :) Kak mohon nak share ya :)

  4. nice sharing kak
    byk pengajaran yg kita leh ambik lam kisah ni
    akakkk..tq drop comment bebyk kat blog sy..terharu....

  5. terkena dia...hihi...apa2 pun mmg satu perumpaan yg bagus...bila dah dapat pinjam lama pon dah kira bersyukur dah...mmg la sayang nak pulangkan tapi "tuan yg beri pinjam" lebih berhak terhadap brg tu...

  6. Zam suka kisah macam ni.. kiasan yang digunakan memudahkan lagi kita memahami erti kehidupan

  7. a very good story.. ada moral dan pengajarandisebaliknya

  8. nice sharing farah...satu perkara tapi penuh maksud tersirat.
    Macam hidup kita juga..semuanya pinjaman.

    pssstttt : Bole jer nk jumpa, inform lah yer bila nk dtg ktn.

  9. cara yg plg baik utk myedarkan seseorg yg 'terlupa'.. :)

  10. Sedihnya..Semua milik Allah. Penuh maksud tersirat dan tersurat kisah ni.

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