True Story of A Lady

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google
Shared by a sis on FB... and it's a true story...

Once, there was this lady. A bright and beautiful lady, who was so in love with a gentleman. Though he wasn't the most handsome and perfect gentleman...But for her, he was everything! 

She used to dream about him, about spending the rest of life with him.

One day...He asked her for her hand in marriage and she accepted. She felt that was the right way ... and that was what she always dreamt of.

The gentleman knew from the beginning, that this lady loves him. He made full use of her love to his advantage! He abused her...and made her his slave...Never loved her... Never pampered her... only uses her when he needs her... One day, he voiced out to her... "Look at you now! Ugly and hideous! I have no use of you anymore!"

She has the shock of her life when he uttered his last very words! She felt as though the whole world was trembling down. Tears fell till she didn't realized that she got herself sick and under nourished. She was so thin and saggy. 

Till one day, a friend pulled her out from her darkness and said; "Why should you feel bad...and torture yourself to this extend! This is what he wants you to become! And by doing so, you are just letting him to win. Move on, dear! Love yourself from now forth! He doesn't deserve your love or you! If he did love you, he wouldn't do such things to hurt and torture you! You ONLY lost one who never loved you and he lost the one who really loved and cared for him. It is his lost...and not yours."

Now, that lady is free...and she has evolved herself into the most talented and remarkably sophisticated person.

True Love is Hard to Get. Love is all about giving the other person without greed of gaining anything in return, if other person rejects it, its him/her who will be losing the most important thing in life.

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  1. mentang mentang kita suka dia... dia buat sesuka hati!!
    kena tingglkan sedikit ruang untuk mencintai diri kita....
    Mencintai Allah apa tah lagi!

  2. mencintai mereka yang mencintai diri ini seadanya sahaja...tak guna mencintai orang yang tidak lagi mencintai diri sendiri...


  3. kita kne syg org yg sygkan kita..jgn kita terkejar2 org yg xsyg kita...huhu

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