Secretary Delights

Farah Waheda Wahid
Untuk semua secretaries, PA, administrative personnel.. he he he...saper2 yang kepingin atau berminat nak pegi course or training tu bley ler jenguk2 entry nih... ^_^. Received this email today dan nak share cket ngan uols...

Amongst the speakers yang involve adalah:
  • Evelyn Samuel on Personal Branding
  • Sheila Singam on Career Enhancement
  • Charis Yong on Managing Different Personalities at Workplace
  • John J Hagedorn on Stress Management
  • Amy Wan Ratos on How to Communicate with Power & Influence
  • Garry Chow on Conflict Management
  • Meenakshi Sarup on Putting Law of Attraction to Work in Your Life
  • Germaine Angelica Salvador on How to Manage Corporate Events Successfully
As per info, by attending this event, we will or might be able to have...
  • Practical skills and knowledge to improve to overall administration within our office, or organization.
  • A clear understanding of what makes a good secretary or personal assistants or administrator
  • The ability to plan and prioritise time and activities
  • Effective communication skills to deal successfully with colleagues and clients
  • Confident in what we are doing right now and be the best person that we can BE
Ye lah, administrator, personal assistants and secretaries kan the core foundation of any organization and establishing and mainting a solid administrative base will ensure the organization business is efficient, productive and successful.

But this event or course is NOT ONLY LIMITED to secretaries, personal assistants or administrator jer taw... yang lain2 also can attend such as executive assistants, administrative assistant, management assistants, HR officers, HR assistants, event coordinators, corporate affairs & PR executives. Kalau2 ader saper yang berminat tuh... +Amanda Suria  ^_^ ekekekeke...bolehler visit link website tu by clicking kat pics above tu yer...

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  1. yeahhh bulan secretary dah mai !
    dulu masa sek akak berangan nak jadi secretary .. huhu x makbul doa huhu ;)

  2. bagus nih, kalau i keje sekritari nih...ekekekeke

  3. dah save dan nak suh boss review esok,hehehe...thanks dear...really appreciated.

  4. blog ni sangat multi purpose,, hehe,, :D

  5. @CikZaniff:
    ini zon peningkatan kerjaya and self enhancement...ekekekeke...

    kak...saya dulu pown bercita2 nak jadi Exec Sec...tapi papa x bagi amik Secretarial course...dia suh amik accounting... hu hu hu...

    you kalau nak jadi secretary kan kena ada tahap kesabaran yang tinggi... seyes i x tipu u...

    @Amanda Suria:
    my pleasure sis... ^_^

    @Nurmujahidah Ismail:
    lol...macam2 ader kan terlebey bubbly la pulak...

  6. huk huk.... kite tak dak bakat ni la.. hikkkkk~

  7. pergh akk kalau mohon jd seketeri atau PA mau naik meroyan jugak boss akk nnt hahaha

  8. sesape trasa nk jd setiausaha blh la...haha

  9. Okje dah tak laku lagi Farah....he..he...

  10. @dEdEQ dE wIshEs:

    @Cik Muda:
    kalau x der bakat ni, mungkin ada bakat lain kan?

    @adza irdawati:
    he he he... sis jadi PA abang Martias jer... ^_^

    he he he... ayut x terasa ek?

    @hainom OKje:
    eh...saper kater...age is gold tau tak...silap2 platinum...

  11. jadi seketeri ni best kan siap ada bulan sambutan lagi.walaupon keje nya teramat la bz ;D

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