I'm Against RAPE!

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from FB
She was a student
She was 23
Her fault some people say because she boarded the wrong bus
And oh yeah
6 men raped her one by one and then used an iron rod to tear her vagina
Small intestine and large intestine came out
They left her to die on the road
What's more is that no one even turned to look at her
No one even bothered to throw a shawl on the ill-clad
Ill-fated girl
She can never live a normal married life again
She went into comma 5 times since 16th December 2012
She was unconscious
Critical and hasn't been able to stop crying
But don't worry 
She wasn't your sister
She wasn't your daughter
But she could be
The brutality has to stop right here guys
These people deserve capital punishment for their heinous
Perverted act
She died on Saturday 28th December 2012
Rest in Peace and I pray that her killers get the WORST punishment possible
This doesn't only happen in India...
But in every country around the world...
Is this how you treat women?
It makes me ashamed to even live on this planet today

I'm against RAPE! Even haiwan pown x buat macam ni taw tak? X der hati perut langsung... 

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  1. Kesiannya. Memang takde perasaan langsung semua lelaki tu. Ish. =/

  2. seramnya baca apa yang jadi kat dia. moga kita dilindungi

  3. sangat-sangat kejam kan mereka yang buat tu... hu hu hu...

  4. i'm against rape too

    lindungilah semua gadis2 dan wanita di seluruh dunia dari penyeksaan sebegini...semoga pelakunya mendapat hukuman setimpal...

    *rodok pelakunya macam tu jugak...

  5. @therosputih:
    memang patut pown kalau rodok pelakunya macam tu jugak yunk...

  6. geramnye baca...kejam sungguh...

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