How Malaysians Say It

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google
#1: Reminds me of my childhood... "Police and Tree" instead of "Police and Thief"

#2: Irregardless mee Cintan ker, Mamee Slurpp ker, Adabi ker, or whatsoever, we still call instant noodles as "Maggi"

#3: Cuba try test dulu... he he he...

#4: "Ngeteh jom?" most heard when they are going to Mamak for some teh tarik

#5: Mc Donald's but in Malaysia most of us cakap...or sebut... MekDi

#6: Gostan instead of reverse when reversing their cars

#7: "Teacher, may I go to the toilet?", "Cikgu, boleh saya pegi tandas?" tapi mostly... "Teacher, toilet", "Cikgu, tandas"

#8: Colgate instead of toothpaste. Kesian Darlie, FreshWhite dan segala bagai...ekekekeke...

#9: Take away - TAPAU

#10: Maxis - Mek Sis

#11: Sto-berri instead of Strawberry

Hurm... ader lagi? 

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  1. baru muja tahu yang pasal police and thief tu,, hahaha

  2. Penangan bahasa kan..ikut senang sebut dan mudah faham jer..heheheh..

  3. hurmmm kadang2 bahasa2 yg digunakan sebagai bahasa yg mudah dah ringkas ... pelik tuu sbb anak2 muda skrg paham sgt ;)

  4. bunda datang ziarah anakanda Farah sayang..

  5. hahaha..saya selalu bt...ala ka farah ni saje la...nk ckp jgk :p

  6. Betul tu Farah...sesuka hati je Malaysian nikan...

  7. ada lg... penggunaan terror utk sesuatu yg hebat...cth ayat "wah terer la kau boleh suap pakai kaki kiri..."

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