Akasha is Back in Malaysia!

Farah Waheda Wahid
On November 11th, 2012 saya pernah post 1 entry yang bertajuk Lama X Layanz Live Band ...So happy to find out today that Akasha is back in Malaysia! for their upcoming performance... Alaaa...tapi terlewat dapat tau... cam frustrated jer cket... Tapi memang frustrated dah pown... hu hu hu... sebabnya... 

Source Extracted from Akasha Malaysia
NEWS JUST IN!!! All 600seats have been swept up for the 14th January show for Crossroads featuring Grammy winning bluegrass artists Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer and Barbara Lambert who will be sharing the stage with Akasha courtesy of American Voices and the US Embassy. Invites are still available for the 15th January 2013 BUT moving very quickly. Do contact Anne Denise Choon for your invites on the 15th on Facebook or @ 013-4406128. The free art exhibition Monsoon by Marisa R Ng Fine Art held in conjunction of this event will also be available on the 15th so come down and join in the fun!

Yes indeed...the seats are moving very fast... trembling super duper fast... huwaaaaa...sob sob... frustrated... Bagi memujuk hati nih, takpe...saya akan tunggu sehingga Akasha datang balik Malaysia some time in the near future dan masa tuh...saya akan pegi jugak...x kira... (kata2 nak sedapkan hati sendiri....^_^)... Miss to see their live performance very much.... hu hu hu... 

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  1. owh pity me
    sy xkenal mereka...huhu

  2. minat sungguh ni sampai kecewa gitu... :-)

  3. @NoEn:
    kak...memang ramai yang kurang kenal... ^_^ saya pown kenal dari mereka yang memang dalam industry nih... kalau x mungkin x kenal juga...

    @elise eijal:
    he he he...tapi x der lah sampai taksub dear... ^_^

  4. Tak kenal....he..he..ketinggalan zaman sungguh

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