A Bowl of Noodles from Stranger

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google

That night, Sue quarreled with her mother, then stormed out of the house. While enroute, she remembered that she did not have any money in her pocket, she did not even have enough coins to make a phone call home. At the same time, she went through a noodle shop, picking up sweet fragrance, she suddenly felt very hungry. She wished for a bowl of noodles, but she had no money!

The seller saw her standing wheat faltered before the counter and asked "Hey little girl, you want to eat a bowl?"... "But... but I do not carry money... " she shyly replied. "Occay, I'll treat you" - the seller said - "Come in, I will cook you a bowl."

A few minutes later, the owner brought her a steaming bowl of noodles. Ate some pieces, Sue cried. "What is it?" - he asked. "Nothing. I am just touched by your kindness!" - Sue said as she wiped her tears. "Even a stranger on the street gives me a bowl of noodles, and my mother, after a quarrel, chased me out of the house. She is cruel!!"

The seller sighed, "Girl, why did you think so? Think again. I only gave you a bowl of noodles and you felt that way. Your mother had raised you since you were little, why were you not grateful and disobeyed your mom?"

Sue was really surprised after hearing that. "Why did I not think of that? A bowl of noodles from a stranger made me feel indebted, and my mother has raised me since I was little and I have never felt so, even a little."

On the way home, Sue thought in her head what she would say to her mother when she arrives home, "Mom, I'm sorry. I know it is my fault, please forgive me..." Once up the steps, Sue saw her mother worried and tired of looking for her everywhere. Upon seeing Sue, her mother gently said: "Sue, come inside honey. You are probably very hungry? I cooked rice and prepared the meal already, come eat while it is still hot..."

Could not control anything any longer, Sue cried in her mom's hands. 

In life, we sometimes easy to appreciate the small actions of some people around us, but for the relatives, especially parents, we see their sacrifices as a matter of natural... Parental love and concerns are the most precious gifts we have been given since birth...Parents do not expect us to pay back for nurturing us...but have we ever appreciate or treasure the unconditional sacrifice of our parents? 

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  1. very nice entry. love the part when seller scolled the girl that she did not thankfull of her mother. btw ur english is good. i took almost 3 minutes to write this comment.hopefully no grammar mistake :p

  2. kasihnyaa ibuu membawa ke syurga..
    emm betul2 kdg kt ni mdh lupa diri, keluarga yg byk berkorban slama ni bl buat silap sikit kt nk terasa smpi lupa smua kebaikan mrk, tp bl org luar buat baik sikit tertutup smua kejahatan yg tersembunyi.. tu rmai yg mdh terpedaya.
    NICE SHARING dear :)

  3. kadang2 kita lupa jasa org yg dekat sgt dengan kita. mereka la yg selalu ada saat susah dan senang kita :)
    jom hargai selagi ada masa

  4. Betul tu Farah... kadang tu kita terlupa dan tak nampak jasa org tua yang lagi besar!

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