So Long...Farewell 2012!

Farah Waheda Wahid
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Wahhhh.... diam x diam, today dah last day of 2012... and tomorrow is bank holiday bersempena dengan New Year 2013... Toinggg! Keje la pulaks today kannn? Dan yang x beshnyer biler bank holiday jatuh tengah2 minggu... Sebab kalau di awal atau di akhir besh cket... Ngeee ^_^ sebab boleh cuti direct...Kalau bank holiday jatuh tengah2 minggu tuh...aduyaiiiii....lemaunyer... 

2012 has been great, and saya nak ucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang support Bubblynotes. I'm so grateful to my friends here, both old and new, and to the Bubbly Rainbows a.k.a Blogger Nation... (eceh...speech cam ramai sangat pulak yang follow sini ye dak? tapi aper salahnya... symbol of my sincere appreciation ... yang penting ikhlas....^_^)... 

A great deal is made every December about the opportunity at year's end for "turning over a new leaf," about resolving to start afresh at overcoming deficiencies in our habits, our lifestyles, our health... Aiyarkss... tiber2 jer fikiran menerawang tentang perkara2 yang nak buat dalam tahun 2012... Dah complete ker mission semua? Ker nak kena qada' tahun 2013 nih? ekekekeke....

Biler tahun bertambah...umur pown bakal bertambah la ye x? Huwaaaaaaaaaa..... kertu lagi setahun.... :p... Btw...what a year it was 2012? I saw many pitfalls and many peaks. Much sadness and struggle and also many accomplishments and much joy... Overall, I am very happy with the year I had... Syukur Alhamdulillah! This year has given me so much that I hope it will not end. I love it and it is one of the most wonderful years in my life. 

I have gained so much; love, experiences, prosperity, and new friends. I have learned a lot of valuable things, not formally but more informally. I was able to handle my temper when it challenged my patience, learn to keep quiet and be patient rather than pouring out all my dissatisfaction and regretting later though some people may choose to lose their temper. I have received so much love and it has been amazing gift from Allah. Receiving lots of love enables me to give more love too. This wonderful feeling has made me a stronger and happier person. Not forgetting more thankful and appreciative. I pray the beautiful gift in my life will not be taken away from me. I can say goodbye to 2012 but not to this amazing gift. A gift I can't live without and the amazing you out there, thanks for your love which I will cherish as long as I live. 

I am looking forward to 2013, hoping for more wonderful things to happen to me, my family, and friends. May all of us are blessed and given love, peace, good health, wealth and happiness, In Shaa Allah. So Long...Farewell 2012! And welcome 2013.... 

*Erkss... awal giler kowt cakap pasal end of year and new year? Baru pukul 11 lebih pagi nih...ekekekeke...semangat betol ngan New Year's Eve kannn? 

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  1. salam kenal dik ! ;)

    eppy new year
    wish new year akan membawa kerahmatan dan kegembiraan berpanjangan hendaknye ;)

  2. Selamat tahun baru juga untuk kak Farah :)
    Semoga persahabtan kitan berkekalan :)
    Mana tahu suatu hari nanti dapat jumpa face to face kan :)

  3. @ieda:
    salam kenal kak...thanks sudi follow dan lawat blog saya yang x seberapa nih...

    happy new year pada akak juga...

    happy new year to you too yunk... ^_^

    In Shaa Allah sayunk... dengan izin Allah pasti kita dapat jumpa face to face jugak satu hari nanty... ^_^

  4. slmat tahun baru..
    ooppss..speaking pulok..huhu

  5. ok dah ok pasal dah kul 9malam masa komen ni ditaip...hehe...selamat dtg kepada 2013 semoga tahun ni 100000000 kali lebih baik dari yg sebelum2 ni....

  6. sayangnya sebab tak kenal kak Farah sejak tahun lepas lagi.. bagi iha tahun ni seronok sikit sebab dapat kenal dengan kawan2 blogger.. dulu asal bukak blog je mesti rasa sunyi sepi.. hehe..

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