Handwritten Love Letter Never Obsolete... ^_^

Farah Waheda Wahid
Source Extracted from Google

Siapa kater yang handwritten love letter tu dah obsolete or outdated? I OBJECT.... ekekekeke... cam debate plaks...almaklumlah dah lama dah tak debate-men-debate nih ever since tinggalkan zaman sekolah dan U nih...

Biler kali terakhir uols tulis surat cinta? Or sememangnya x pernah tulis langsung love letter dengan tangan? Saya? Ermm.... seingat-ingat saya dapat love letter adalah... nama nak tulis balik tak kowt cam segan jer... (ferasan gilers kay... maafkan saya, maafkan saya...tapi itulah hakikatnya di zaman-zaman study dulu).... tak der lah sefofular mana pown...bukannya celebs... tapi dapatlah jugak satu dua ketul setiap tahun...wakakakaka...

Those yang mula dengan "Dear Diary" only sort of count I guess... There's nothing quite like pausing to read the feelings of the heart put to paper. A love letter transcends a single moment. It can be treasured, hugged even, and adored again and again... (yewwww...jiwangsnyer.... tapi jangan nafikan ek? bila sorang-sorang apa pown bley jadi tau? kadang-kadang orang yang nampak kental kat luar tu dalam hati ada taman tau...ekekekeke)...

Sekarang biler kiter semua dah grown up, emotions are stronger, relationships more meaningful especially those dengan ikatan yang halal... yet writing a love letter is something we rarely stop to do .  What's holding you back? Your penmanship? Perhaps you're concerned the gesture won't fully express the way you feel.

Tak dinafikan, in the days of cell phones, email and text messages, letter writing can seem hopelessly outdated. But it's an art worth bringing back, and not because of some misplaced sense of nosltagia either. The writing and reception of letters will always offer an experience that modern technology cannot touch... Betul tak? Twitter is effective for broadcasting what you're eating for lunch, and email is fantastic for quick exchanges on the most pertinent pieces of information. Tapi when it come to perkongsian rasa, sincere sympathies, ardent love dan deepest gratitude, words travelling along an invisible super highway will never suffice... Kenapa... sebab dengan handwritten letter...is the next best thing to show up personally at someone's door...

Ada sentimental value yang tersendiri yang tersirat di sebaliknya... Again...handwritten love letter never obsolete or never to be too outdated... kira-kiranya masih boleh dikira pakailah nih... Eh, kadang-kadang biler menulis dengan tangan sendiri nih secara tak langsung perasaan pown tersentuh tau... 

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