Gettin' Paid for Using FB & Twitter on iPhone

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Sangat menariks... Ternampak mender nih masa browsing Apps Store during luncheon hour tadi... ^_^ ... gettin' paid for using FB & Twitter on iPhone... ye ler... opportunity to make money kan? saper yang tak nak... Jom saya kongsi apa yang dikatakan oleh SAYS...

The SAYS Broadcasters app is now on the App Store! Be the first to know about and share premium content directly on your iPhone or iPod. You can also:
  • Get notified of new Specials
  • Share Specials on the go
  • Check your EARNINGS
  • Get notified when your cash out is complete
The SAYS Broadcasters Program has been rewarding social-media users for sharing the latest movies, games, events, contests, news and videos with friends since 2010.

Cam nak try jer... sebab tengok cam menariks... Jap jap lagi nak download lah apps ni biler free cket... ^_^ Adik beradik kepada Ms Apple saya yang lain... jom cuba...mana tau rezeki kan? 

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